How to save disk space on Mac

How to save disk space on Mac

mac easy icon mac for dummiesToday we're going to see how to save disk space on Mac. Whether on El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra or higher, your Apple computer may be almost full and you don't know how to go about finding documents, photos, videos, music erasing.

As often on iPhoneSoft, here is a new tip for beginners that comes to fill the section Mac easy… (see all our Mac and iPhone Easy tips).

Find heavy files on Mac

Fortunately, there are several solutions to save disk space on Mac by finding heavy files in order to delete them. Either you go through third-party software like Onyx, or you use what is already provided in MacOS.

If so, follow this tutorial:

  1. Open Spotlight (search)
  2. Type System Information
  3. Go "Windows"
  4. Click on "Storage management"

From there, you have the list of file types and their place taken in GB or MB. Go to the most greedy elements like documents in our example then browse the files to see what you want to delete . We thus find iTunes backups, downloaded movies, podcasts, emails, books, music, photos, etc.

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In "Documents", Apple groups all the files and by going into the "file browser" mode (right tab), we can even find additional gigabytes such as logs, Internet cache, etc. Follow the numbers that you think are "big" and delete unnecessary files!
By doing this tutorial, I gained 80 GB on a 512 GB disc in just 5 minutes. And you ?

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