whatsapp Comment restaurer vos discussions WhatApp sur iPhone

How to restore your WhatApp chats on iPhone

whatsapp How to restore your WhatApp chats on iPhone

You change diPhone and you worry about WhatsApp? Do not worry, you will not necessarily lose everything.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application. The goal here is not to explain how to use it, but how to get discussions. Your conversation history is not saved on WhatsApp servers, but locally or on iCloud (or your Google account if you are on Android). If there are backups of your conversations, you can restore your WhatsApp chats.


WhatsApp conversation restoration is done between similar devices. The backup is done using the Google or iCloud account. You can restore from Android to Android or from iPhone to iPhone, but not from iPhone to Android (or vice versa) without third-party software. Methods 2, 3 and 4 are very similar on Android.

You must have :

  • 1 or 2 iPhone connected to the same iCloud account (not necessarily at the same time);
  • Use the same phone number for backup and restore;
  • Have free space on your iCloud account.

Method 1: activate iCloud Drive on your iPhone

In order for WhatsApp to back up, you must activate iCloud Drive.

1.1. Come on Settings > Apple ID> iCloud ;

1.2. Go down and activate iCloud Drive.

iphone activate icloud drive How to restore your WhatApp discussions on iPhone

Method 2: save your WhatsApp conversations

Before thinking of restoring, it is important to save. Only then can you change, sell your iPhone or even delete the application without fear.

2.1. Open WhatsApp ;

2.2. At the bottom right, press Settings > Discussions > Backup ;

2.3. Press Save now to force immediate backup;

iphone whatsapp save now How to restore your WhatApp chats on iPhone

2.4. Select Auto save to set the automatic backup frequency.

iphone whatsapp auto backup How to restore your WhatApp chats on iPhone

Method 3: restore your WhatsApp chats on iPhone

Once at least one backup has been made, you can restore WhatsApp chats whenever you want. If it's a new iPhone, consider inserting your SIM in it or activating your eSIM.

3.1. Download WhatsApp on the App Store ;

3.2. Open it and skip the different steps requested using the same phone number;

3.3. step, Restore from iCloud, Press on Restore or Restore chat history, the effect is the same.

iphone whatsapp restore How to restore your WhatApp chats on iPhone

Note: if you have pressed Pass, you will need to uninstall and then reinstall the app to have this opportunity again.

3.4. When the restoration is complete, press next and finish filling out the requested information.

iphone end config whatsapp How to restore your WhatApp discussions on iPhone

3.5. You can use it normally with your current conversation history.

This is indeed a backup, followed by a restore. This is by no means a synchronization.

Alternative method: export of conversations

If you don't want to go through iCloud, there is another method. It is both more flexible and much more restrictive.

4.1. Open WhatsApp longlet Discussions ;

4.2. Swipe a conversation to the left and tap Options > Export discussion ;

4.3. Choose the method to transmit this export.

iphone whatsapp export discussion 1 How to restore your WhatApp discussions on iPhone

Note: you can also open this conversation, press the top of your contact's name then Export discussion.

Its practical side lies in choosing what you export. The downside is that it is not suitable if you have a lot of different conversations or overly large discussions. Indeed, the resulting export file can only contain the last 10,000 messages, or 40,000 if the file contains media files. The simplest is iCloud backup.

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