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How to reset a OnePlus 7 Pro gel

How to reset a OnePlus 7 Pro gel

System crashes and problems are a fairly common thing when it comes to dealing with the best of devices like the OnePlus 7 Pro. This follows from the operational requirements of users, which are generally the result of multiple or simultaneous operations, as well as the performance of advanced services such as filming locations. Fortunately, these smart devices have been designed with this knowledge in mind, and there are many tricks to deal with such problems and bring the device back to normal operations without any cost or undue stress for the owner. A simple reset can resolve functionality issues. It would be wise to set up a reliable backup before any attempt to reset. Free online services such as Google Drive can be useful here or even the use of flash drives and conventional hard drives.

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Illuminated keys reset

This reset is superficial and means simply removing the battery and replacing it shortly after. The freezing of the screen or the faults should be corrected. Its main advantage is the preservation of data, all user information remains intact. Here's what you need to do:

  • When the device is on, press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously for about 30 seconds.
  • This will turn off the device and you can simply turn it back on.

The Master Reset

This method is practical and effective, provided that the device is accessible and usable using the navigation keys and the volume keys. Remember that all the device data stored in the internal storage will be lost.

  • Access device settings and locate system settings
  • In this context, find and select the reset option which will reveal more options.
  • Select the option to delete data when prompted, then confirm
  • The device will ask for a security clearance with a pin or a screen pattern (if defined). Once verified, the device will boot to return to its factory configuration.

If this method is unsuccessful, the following intensive method may be more useful.

Complete reset

This reset erases all data again and uses the hardware keys to execute it and restore the device to factory settings. The only secure data that will not be affected is that of the SIM card or SD memory. Here's what to do:

  • Press the volume down button continuously with the power button
  • Once the phone answers with a logo, release the ON / OFF button ONLY.
  • This will take you to a security step which requires the access key or device code (if defined)
  • Confirm the security password, then select the language of your choice.
  • Select the "Clear data" option that follows, then select a full reset.
  • The device will put more warnings on the permanence of the process. Confirm and let the reset work as if by magic.

Network reset

Here's something else. If you are having problems with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data or GPS, you don't have to opt for the reset options mentioned above. Sometimes you just need to reset the network. It can do the trick and solve the problems you are having. To reset the network parameters.

  • Access the settings from the home menu and select the reset options that will give the Wi-Fi reset menu.
  • Select the required option under mobile and Bluetooth, which is an option of "reset settings".
  • Confirm the password in the next prompt, then confirm again to continue.

at the end, the network settings will return to their default values ​​- this should solve the network problems of the device.