How to reopen closed tabs in Google Chrome

How to reopen closed tabs in Google Chrome

Sometimes when we accidentally close our Google Chrome browser while visiting essential websites or doing critical work, we feel so boring that we want to reopen them and continue our work. Chrome offers you the possibility of opening the closed tabs in many ways to be able to visit the site of your choice. It's pretty simple and only takes a few seconds of your time. In addition, there are several ways to open recently closed tabs. Without further ado, let's see how to reopen closed tabs in Google Chrome.

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Reopen the recent tab via the shortcut key or from the upper chrome bar

If you want to reopen a recently closed tab, one of the most common methods is to press CTRL + SHIFT + T (shortcut key) from the keyboard. You can also follow a slightly longer process by doing the following:

  • First, open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Then just click the right mouse button on the top bar of Google Chrome (the flat bar is not on anything else).
  • You will be presented with a list of options.
  • Look for the option that says "Reopen the closed tab" just below the "New tab" option.

Reopen tab via history search

There is another way to reopen the site of your choice by doing some research in your browser's history.

To reopen a site from your browser history, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • In the upper right corner, just below the X button, look for the three horizontal bars.
  • By clicking on the horizontal bars, you will be presented with a submenu.
  • Look for History in the submenu.
  • When you hover over History in the submenu, another History button is displayed. By clicking on this button, you will be directed to your browser's history.
  • In the history of your browser, you can see all the websites you have visited on your computer in the form of a log classified by period.
  • From this history page, you can search for the website you want to visit.
  • You can also search for a site based on a keyword by entering it in the history search box.

Using CTRL + H

Another way to open the history is to use the shortcut key on your keyboard, namely CTRL + H.

Another method to open the site you have recently closed (more than 1 of course) is to click on the three horizontal bars located under the X button, as indicated above. Once you have reached the main history button (after the submenu) just below the history, you will see the recently closed tabs.

The methods we have talked about are very practical and have been specially designed by Google developers so that the user can have easy access and recover their work in just a few clicks in case they accidentally close the browser or browser. tongue. The work becomes easier when the keyboard shortcuts come into action because they go through long procedures for the user to open a given page or option.