How to remove the category "Resume" movies and series on Netflix

How to remove the category "Resume" movies and series on Netflix

It can happen to start watching a movie or a series on Netflix before finally stopping. Netflix then automatically creates a playlist called "Resume". Sometimes this reading history can be big and can get messy when you log in. With the following tutorial, you will learn how to get rid of those series and movies you do not want to see anymore.

Goodbye, boring movie

Reading history "Resume" is well thought. It often happens for a variety of reasons that one has to stop reading a movie or a series. Netflix makes it easy to pick up where you left off. However, this feature can sometimes be difficult for movies or series that we do not want to continue.

Fortunately, Netflix offers a solution to delete its video history. Functionality is however quite hidden and you have to know the trick. If you follow our guide, you will be able to remove the "Resume" movies or series on Netflix.

Before you begin, know that manipulation can be done from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone … Screen captures were made in our article from a computer.

  • In the Netflix menu, on the right side, click on the icon of your profile
  • Select "Account"
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Farewell Eddie! AndroidPIT
<li>In this menu, scroll to the "My profile" section</li>
<li>Select "Viewing Activity". The entire list of visualized content will be displayed. On the right side of everyone, just click on the 'X' to delete them</li>
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Deleting the history of Netflix is ​​easy. AndroidPIT

And that's all ! Once you click on the X, a window appears to inform you that within 24 hours, the content will be removed from the "Resume" list.

What other trick do you know to manage your content on Netflix?

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