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How to remove ransomware without paying?

Ransomware: learn the right reflexes to prevent them from taking control of your PC.

Image 1: How to remove ransomware without paying?

Ransomware or ransomware is a type of virus that tries to ransom you by taking your files or your computer hostage. The best way to protect yourself from this is above all to adopt a prudent behavior. Always keep your antivirus up to date and beware of the emails you receive. Especially if they contain attachments or if they invite you to click on links to “find out” something.

Hackers redoubling their ingenuity, if unfortunately you were to get infected, here is the behavior to adopt.

Don’t give in to blackmail!

Never pay. This motivates hackers to continue and, most importantly, you have no guarantee that it will work. That they will not continue to ransom you by leaving a dormant virus on your machine to block it again. You would quickly become a cash cow.

Instantly turn off your PC

Shut down your computer. Ransomware will block your computer in the “best” configuration, and will encrypt your files in the worst case. To prevent the virus from encrypting your files one by one, click the “Stop” icon on your operating system.

Restore your PC

Windows 10 performs automatic backups of your system by default. You will now use them. If you have not taken care to activate the launch options of Windows 10 in safe mode, the simplest solution is to short-circuit the launch of Windows three times in a row. Which will start the automatic repair.

Image 2: How to remove ransomware without paying?

Turn off your computer by holding down the power button on your PC and do this three times in a row. Windows 10 will then run your system restore utility. Choose the “Automatic repair” option then click on Advanced Options> Troubleshoot> Advanced Options> System Restore. Follow the procedure listed to restore a previous backup.

Scan your computer

If you have disabled system backups then you will need to completely rely on your antivirus.

So start by deactivating your network connection to prevent the virus from spreading to other computers in your house. If you don’t know how, unplug your box. Then turn on your computer and, once your session has started, open your antivirus and start a thorough scan. You just have to hope that the virus is listed and that it has not caused too much damage.

Image 3: How to remove ransomware without paying?

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