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How to remove keyboard sound on iPhone and iPad

ipad keyboard 1 How to remove keyboard sound on iPhone and iPad

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you should notice these little noises when using the keyboard. Some prefer to keep it and even find that it helps them, give rhythm to their seizure. This is not the case for everyone, others find it very nervous, especially if they use their keyboard often. This setting, activated by default, can be modified. Are you one of those users who no longer support this sound effect and are looking to remove the keyboard sound on your iPhone? Follow the guide.

Small information

All operations are common to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This is a clean iOS setting. You do not need a computer or an internet connection. Only from your iOS device.

The sound of the keyboard has been present by default for so long, that even if you are on an old version of iOS, this explanation will help you.

Method 1: Mute the keyboard sound in the settings

These little noises at the tapping of your keyboard are soon from ancient history.

  • Open Settings;
  • Press the Sounds menu;
  • Deactivate Keyboard click by pressing the green button which will turn white.
how to remove the keyboard 1000x572 How to remove the keyboard sound on iPhone and iPad

Note: Depending on the iOS versions, the Sounds menu is positioned more or less low in the settings. For really old versions, this is a submenu in the General menu.

You have just removed the sound from your iPhone keyboard until you want to activate it again by following the same procedure.

It is in this same menu that the locking sound of your iPhone is activated or deactivated.

Method 2: Mute the keyboard occasionally

You are not totally against the sound effects of the keyboard, but there are times when you do not want to, or circumstances that are not suitable. Rather than removing the sound from the keyboard of your device and reactivating it by going to the settings, there is an alternative: put your iPhone in silence.

You can put your phone on silent mode using the button on the left of your device. By pushing it towards the bottom, you put it in silence, with or without a vibrator according to the settings you have chosen, also in the menu Sounds. By pulling it forward, you put it back into ringing tone.

iphone silent ringtone How to mute keyboard sound on iPhone and iPad

Thus, in silent mode, you have removed the sound from the keyboard of your iPhone and you can reactivate it much faster than by going to the settings. you choose according to your desires.

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