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How to recover / record a replay show?

Seeing a replay TV show is good. Being able to download it is better. Here is a method to do it directly on the chain’s website. So you never miss your favorite programs again.

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No chance. You absolutely wanted to see your favorite show and, because of this breakdown on the way back, you missed everything. Do not panic: we will explain how to download it legally.

The fact of recovering a file on the site of a chain is completely legal as long as you do not bypass any security measure to do so. And that, some developers have understood by creating Captvty.

Download Captvty

In search of your favorite TV shows

Once this stream recording software is installed and launched, you can use it in a very simple way. Select the channel in the left column to view the list of available programs. Another method of searching for your content: filter by theme from the “Column” drop-down menu at the top of the software. If the program you are looking for does not appear, there may be three explanations:

  • The show does not have a replay on the channel’s website (probably for rights issues).
  • The show is online but protected.
  • The show is not again put on line on the site because generally, the emissions are put on line the day after their diffusion (Monday if the emission was diffused during the weekend).
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Download your programs with or without subtitles

Once your program is found, simply double-click on it in the list to start the download. The video file is then accessible in your “Downloads” folder.

Small bonus: on certain channels, a menu appears when you initiate the download offering you several choices. You can choose for example the quality of the file as well as the existing dubbing / subtitles. Ideal for fans of TV series in VOST!

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