How to Recover Lost Notifications on Android

The Android notifications menu sometimes fills up so fast, it’s easy to close it without checking well. If you’ve done this, and think you might have accidentally slipped something important into non-existence, you can still get it back. Here we show you how to recover lost notifications on your Android device by accessing Android notification history.

Notification log where you can view deleted notifications – is only available on Android 4.3 Jellybean or above. For the purposes of this demonstration, we used the stock Android Lollipop.

How to recover lost notifications on Android?

1. Long-click on an empty space on your Android home screen, then tap Widgets.


2. Swipe left until you come to the icon of Settings shortcut widget.


3. Long-click on the widget until your home screens appear, then drag it to a home screen of your choice.

4. In the Shortcut settings menu that appears, scroll down and press diary of notification.

5. A notification log shortcut will appear on your home screen. Just type this, and you’ll have access to your notification history.

For more details watch the video below

The above solution works well for Android users, but we were disappointed that it wouldn’t work on phones that had a different UI setup like it does with Samsung phones. Fortunately, there is a useful app that works on all phones and allows you to efficiently retrieve and manage your notification history.

Application-based solutions

Notification History Log

Notification History Log
Notification History Log

Notification History Log is a well-designed app that keeps a log of all notifications (up to a day, but you can pay for a longer history), and after enabling ‘Advanced History’ settings, it lets you view the application responsible for these notifications. You are able to blacklist certain apps and customize what is saved for recovery. Overall very useful, even with the free version.

Have you ever accidentally deleted your notification history? How did you try to get it back? Let us know in the comments.