How to Recover Files from Corrupted USB Flash Drive 2018

There are many reasons that lead to data corruption, due to viruses or if the drive is improperly mounted from the port. Hence, we are going to share three easiest methods which will help you to recover files from corrupted USB drive. Go through the post to find out.

The best way to recover data from corrupted storage device has been given below. Today, we mainly share our files via USB and some storage drives, but due to some viruses or if the drive is improperly mounted from the port, it can lead to data corruption, and they stop working properly. And the data in them can be inaccessible. So for that, we have a method to recover files from this corrupted drive. You just have to follow simple guidelines to get all your data back from any corrupted drive.

How to Recover Files from Corrupted USB Flash Drive 2018

# 1 Assigning a new drive letter

If your computer cannot recognize your hard drive, you can try assigning a new drive letter to your storage media. This method will work great, and you won’t need any third-party tool to recover the files. Here’s how you can assign a new drive letter.

Step 1. You need to insert your USB drive into your computer, then right click on My Computer, then select the “Manage” option.

2nd step. Now you will see the computer management panel from there you need to choose the option “Disk Management”.

Step 3. Then, right click on your “USB Key Drive” and choose the option “Change letters and paths”

Step 4. Now you will see the options to assign the new drive letter, just select the desired letter from the drop-down list and click on the button “Okay”

That’s all! You have finished. Now just reinsert your USB drive and see if your computer recognizes it! If not, continue with the following methods.

# 2 reinstall the drivers

Well, there is a good chance that your USB drive and data is not damaged. Instead, it is possible that the drivers in Windows are corrupted. So in this case you can try to reinstall the drivers.

For this you need to insert your USB drive into the computer and then open Device Manager. On Device Manager, you need to click “Disk drives” and expand the menu.

You will now see all the devices connected to your computer. You need to right click on your USB drive and then select the option ‘ Uninstall the device ”

Now you need to restart your computer and after restarting it will automatically detect and install the driver. This might solve the USB problem.

# 3 Recover all files from damaged storage device using CMD

The method is very simple and easy and depends on CMD recovery trick and on recovery software which will allow you to recover all files easily from your corrupted USB drive where you are unable to access the data. Just follow a few simple steps below to continue.

Step 1. First of all, insert your drive into a computer and press Windows button and type cmd. Now right click on Command Prompt and select Execute as administrator.

2nd step. Now type Chkdsk F: / f where “H” is the drive letter and that may be different on your computer than you can check in the computer.

Step 3. Now the process of checking files and folders will start, and you can see the process in percentages. If you get the error that your drive is not Windows XP, just enter Y. When it’s done you should see it in your command window

Step 4. In the screenshot mentioned above my USB drive is working fine, and it has no corruption, in case your USB drive got corrupted, you will get the recovered data stored in Lost.dir directory in your drives USB.

If you don’t see anything on your USB drive, just type ” . “(Period without quotes) in a search field at the top right and press Enter.

# 4 Using EaseUS Data Recovery:

EaseUS Data Recovery Assistant Free Edition is the card recovery freeware for memory card used by digital camera. It can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted files from various memory cards.

Step 1. First of all, download and install the tool EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your Windows computer, and launch it. You have to select the types of files you want to recover and click “Next”.

2nd step. Now you need to select your USB drive and need to press “Scan” button, EaseUS Data Recovery will quickly search for the lost files.

Step 3. After the scan is complete, you can preview all the recoverable files. You just need to click on “Recover” button to get your lost files back.

# 5 Using Recuva

Recuva is another file recovery software that helps users recover deleted files. There are many file recovery tools available on the web. However, Recuva is the most effective. Here is how you can use Recuva to recover files from corrupted USB drives

Step 1. First, download and install Recuva File Recovery Tool on your Windows computer and then launch the application.

2nd step. Now you will see the similar type of screen. Here you need to select the type of files you want to recover. If you want to recover photos, select the Images option and click “Next”

Step 3. Now in the next pop-up window, you need to select the location. For this you need to browse your USB drive and then click on the “Next” button.

Step 4. Now wait a few minutes. The software will scan the files.

Step 5. Once done, it will show you all types of files. Just select them and then click “Recover”.

That’s all! You have finished. This is how you can recover files from corrupted USB drives using Recuva software.

So above is all about Recover files from corrupted USB flash drive . With these three methods mentioned, you can easily recover all your files from corrupted USB, and all storage drives very quickly. Also, all other USB errors will be resolved with this trick. Hope you like the article, share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any questions on the topic.