How to recover data from a broken Android smartphone?

How to recover data from a broken Android smartphone?

Have you ever broken your Android? Do not send it directly for repair, it is possible to recover most of the data from your old device in order to transfer it to another. In this article, we are going to explain to you how to recover files from a broken Android smartphone.

Prevention is better than cure

The smartphone holds a series of sensitive data that it is important to secure. There are several ways to do this: place the data you want to protect in invisible folders, block the application on the screen to prevent the curious from accessing it, make backups in the cloud, or even put a word to access the application.

androidpit broken fallen smartphone cracked
Smartphone broken? Here's how to recover your data. AndroidPIT

The best way to make the data on your smartphone as secure as possible is to make a full backup: save all your data so that you can retrieve it from another device if your phone happens to be unfortunate.

By backing up your data on your PC, you can always count on certain dedicated applications which can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store and thus transfer your data from the smartphone to the PC in a few steps. If, however, you haven't thought about it before and it's too late, you should read on to find out how to get your data back.

Use your PC to retrieve your data

In some situations, it may be useful to use your phone from your computer. This is obviously practical if your screen is broken, especially if the touch function no longer works and you can do nothing and must therefore go through a PC. That said, you can also use this method to help someone remotely do something on their device, such as installing an app.

Little tip: if your screen no longer works and you don't have a computer, you can use an OTG cable and a mouse if you have this on hand.

If your screen no longer works and you don't have a computer at hand, you can use an OTG cable and a mouse

Recovery of images and music without software

If your screen is completely broken and unusable (for example you can't even turn it on), you are pretty bad. To recover files from your broken smartphone, you can simply go through your PC. Before proceeding with the transfer, do not forget to activate the USB debugging in the settings of your Android device to ensure that the smartphone is recognized by the computer.

You just have to navigate to the folders where your files are located to recover them. For example, go to your WhatsApp directory to retrieve all the photos received. However, it may happen that, even if the computer has recognized your device, it will be impossible to see all the files on your smartphone. Fortunately, you can opt for one of the solutions below.

Recovering files with AirDroid

AirDroid is software that connects your smartphone and your computer. You can use it from the web interface or using an application that you will install directly on your computer. The good news is that it's in French. So you just have to install it on your PC and on your Android device.

Thanks to your account, you should have no problem connecting your two devices. On your smartphone, you will see several icons that will give you access to several functions, such as transferring files or uninstalling applications. You can take a look at the different options but the one that interests us the most in this article is the backup.

Make sure you are using the same connection, then go to your phone and press the save button. You can also go through the application: click on the name of your device in the left menu and then on the backup menu in the 3 tabs at the top. Your data will then be saved on the computer.

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Transferring files or making backups is very simple. AndroidPIT
<p style=Little more: AirDroid also allows you to see your notifications on the computer.

AirDroid: distance / file
Install on Google Play

Recovering files with Vysor

Vysor also allows you to use directly from this second device. It is an extension for Chrome, which has a definite advantage: you can use Vysor on Windows as well as Mac and Linux. The connection is however made using a USB cable.

You can find Vysor both free and paid version. With the free version, you can connect your devices by cable and take screenshots. With the paid version, the screen quality is better, full screen is possible, data transfer can be done by drag and drop and you can use everything without cable.

androidpit vysor 04
Display the screen of your smartphone on your PC. AndroidPIT

The configuration is simple, the use is a little less. We noticed several slowdowns and, as explained above, the image quality is not optimal in the free version.

Vysor – Android control on PC
Install on Google Play

AirDroid is probably the best method to use your smartphone from your PC because it offers more than Vysor. TeamViewer may deserve its place in this list but, unfortunately, does not work with many Android devices.

What if the screen is completely unusable?

If your phone works but the screen remains black (that is to say that you do not see any content) or if it is so broken that you cannot use it, unfortunately, there are few solutions available. You will be able to recover most of your physical data thanks to your computer (your multimedia files, for example), but it will be difficult to find your personal data (SMS, for example). If you have thought of installing an application such as AirDroid, you will be able to access all the data.

It should be noted however that web services such as WhatsApp have an automatic backup in the cloud, so you will find the last recorded messages as soon as you configure your account on your new device. The same is true for Google Photos if you have enabled backup.

You should now be able to recover your data from your broken smartphone. Do you know of another program or procedure that is as useful? Let us know what you think.

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