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How to record voice memos from an Apple Watch

How to record voice memos from an Apple Watch

Currently available in beta version, the next major watchOS update will allow its users to take advantage of the Dictaphone application, available until now only on iOS and macOS.

The ability to record voice messages from your Apple Watch is really good news. Beyond giving a small secret agent side to its users, it is especially the opportunity to be able to record a voice memo at any time, wear it on the wrist.

With watchOS, the Dictaphone application will have an interface adapted to Apple's smartwatch. both simple and practical, the app will allow you to record voice messages with just one click.

obviously the voice memos recorded on Apple Watch will synchronize with the iPhone, iPad and Mac associated with the watch and vice versa. It will therefore be possible to listen to a message recorded on your iPad from your watch.

Record voice memos

To get started, wake up Siri and ask him to open the Voice Mmos app or select the app directly from the home screen.

Press the big red recording button to start recording. Once you have finished your mmo, press the button again.

Your voice mmo will then be recorded on your Apple Watch.

If your watch starts to run, recording will continue without problems.

To delete a recording, select it and press the three small dots, bottom right. You can then delete it. Another option, swipe to the left to bring up a basket. Touch this symbol.