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How to record a phone call with your iPhone

How to record a phone call with your iPhone

In a professional or private setting, recording a conversation can simplify the organization of an appointment or allow you to go over all the important points of a procedure. Unfortunately, Apple smartphones don't have native apps to do this. There are, however, alternative solutions to remedy this.

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The App Store is full of applications that offer to record your phone calls, whether incoming or outgoing. Depending on the needs, the choice will tilt more towards one or the other depending on the options that the application offers in addition.

The vast majority of apps are downloadable for free at first. The use that you will make of it may vary, but in any case you will have to buy the pro version or credits to benefit from all the options or, simply, to be able to listen to your recordings.

TapeACall Lite

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<p>The best known application on iPhone to record your telephone conversations is Tape A Call Lite, available in French and in Belgium, which has interesting features. Unfortunately to be able to make the most of it, you will have to get the pro version.</p><div class='code-block code-block-5' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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In addition to recording incoming and outgoing calls, TapeACall Lite also allows easy sharing of files to contacts, by email or on social networks in MP3 format. And all without any recording limitation. After purchase, the application is only valid for one year. Then, it will have to be reprocessed if necessary.

The procedure for using it is quite simple. After downloading it from the App Store, the app will automatically add itself to the screen when you call. You will then have to press the red button on the screen.

Its little extra remains the possibility of making calls three interlocutors. To do this, during call two, you will have to click on the conference icon to add a person to the conversation. To do this, however, your telephone operator must offer this option.

The pro version TapeACall Pro is available on theApp store at the price of 10.99 euros.

Call Recorder – Automatic Call Recorder Phone Call

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If you prefer an application that launches automatically during a call, Call Recorder Automatic is the solution. In addition, the free version allows longer use. This works via "credits" that you will have to buy to enjoy listening to the recorded conversations.

An alternative to purchasing is possible since the application offers to earn credits by sharing the app on social networks or by viewing advertisements. It is possible to directly buy the credits for more convenience. The price varies depending on the number of credits, but it starts at 1.09 euros for 99 credits.

Files can therefore be shared via social networks, by email or in contacts. It can also be used without a SIM card, but you will still need to connect to the network to use it.

The app is available from withinApp Store.

Legal point of view

Each of these applications warns the user about the laws in force in his country in terms of telephone recording. What to ask certain questions with regard to Belgium.

Recording a phone call without the knowledge of other people may be punished by law. In Belgium, it is forbidden to listen to a telephone conversation without the participants being warned in accordance with the protection of private life. In the case where the person recording the call participates in the communication, things are different. According to case law, as a participant, it did not affect the privacy of the other since we ourselves are intervening and therefore, it is possible to appeal to the same right to justify registration.

Beyond the question of registration, whoever participated and recorded the call can use it in private and personal. If he wants to use it in the case of evidence, things get complicated. The other intervener could, in fact, appeal to the law of private life and reasonable expectation of its respect.

In other words, recording a telephone conversation should rather help transcribe information for an appointment, an interview, an explanation of an exercise or the terms of a contract and be used in a private setting and only in this case in order to avoid legal complications.