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How to read a Whatsapp message without being seen?

You do not always want to answer your interlocutor on Whatsapp. Unfortunately for you, your presence behind the screen of your mobile is always signaled by the messaging application. We have the solution to make you discreet.

whatsapp privacy

How to browse a Whatsapp discussion without your interlocutor or the other members of the chat being aware? We have all asked ourselves this question because we did not want to answer or simply did not have the time to start a conversation. It is to count without the indiscretion of Whatsapp which signals the reading of a message by a double tick system in the discussion threads. Be aware that you can still bypass this system and go unnoticed.

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Read receipts are not required

There are many ways not to send a read receipt, but some are more like a D system than real durable solutions. To permanently deactivate the read receipts, you will need to go to the Whatsapp settings menu (the 3 small dots at the top right of the main screen) then in Settings> Account> Privacy.

Then go down until you find the “Read confirmation” option and uncheck the box to deactivate them.

Whatsapp read confirmation

Be careful though, as this option will disable all read receipts in all of your conversations. Please also note that you will no longer receive read confirmations for the messages you send, it is giving giving…

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