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How to protect your children on YouTube?

Do your children spend their free time watching videos on the Internet? Parental controls are your friend.

protect child youtube parental control

Today, your children prefer to watch online videos than TV programs. It is for this reason that pro and amateur Youtubers speak directly to them, through dedicated content. But are these still well suited?

It is indeed difficult to always be behind your young spectators when they link video on video. And YouTube Autoplay can quickly take them to other less recommendable content. Fortunately, Google has thought about improving parental controls by creating YouTube Kids. Available online, this platform for young audiences also has a version for smartphones: the YouTube Kids app.

Browse YouTube, yes. See everything, out of the question.

At startup, the application offers you to create a security code that will allow you to access the application and block or authorize certain functions.

youtube security code

After choosing a security code, the YouTube Kids app prompts you to turn off video search. This is very practical to limit access to exclusively junior themes.

deactivate youtube kids videos search

Then return to the main screen. And tap the icon at the top right to start creating your child’s profile. Please note: the app will ask you to link YouTube Kids to a parent account beforehand (preferably your Google account).

Is your child’s profile created? You will be automatically connected to it. To be able to set a viewing time limit for your offspring, select the padlock from the main screen.

lock youtube kids

Then go to the option ” Timer »And set the desired viewing period.

youtube timer viewing kids

Here, the account created and the duration defined, your child can watch YouTube videos without danger. The prior validation of the videos being automated, if some content seems unsuitable, you can block it at any time from the menu.

Also note the possibility of limiting HD video playback to Wifi. To do this, go to the menu ” Settings »(From the padlock). And activate the option ” Limit mobile data So that HD resolution is not activated if you are using a 3G / 4G connection. Your package will thank you.

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