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How to protect personal data on Facebook?

Find out how to easily set up your Facebook account to secure your personal data and your privacy.

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Facebook is the most visited site on the planet, it is the social network to keep in touch with friends but not only. Besides the network that feeds on your personal data to better target you advertising, strangers can also learn a lot about you and your loved ones. Social engineering being at the heart of most scam attempts, here are some simple tips to protect your personal data on Facebook. Facebook is not famous for its ergonomics when it is necessary to configure the protection of its identity, we will directly give links.

How to protect your identity on Facebook?

In the privacy settings, you can make different settings to decide who can see or not your posts and who can find you using your email or phone number.

facebook privacy settings

How to protect your photos on Facebook?

When someone posts a photo in their news feed, Facebook will automatically identify you with facial recognition. From this menu, you can deactivate this authorization.

facebook facial recognition

How to protect your Facebook posts?

When you post on Facebook, your publications may be displayed on the threads of people you do not know, who will be able to comment on your Posts. If you do not want your posts to be seen and commented on by strangers, you can change this setting from this menu.

facebook public posts

How to protect yourself from Facebook ads?

Did you know ? If you like a post, most of your Facebook friends like a spreadsheet manufacturer’s page, or when you just watch a video, all of these are used by Facebook. This is to create an advertising profile and offer you advertisements related to your tastes, gender, age, etc. If you wish to limit personalized ads, you can deactivate advertising targeting from this page.

facebook ads

How to delete your Facebook account?

Finally, if you decide to stop Facebook, you can delete your account from this page at any time. This by clicking on the blue button Delete account.

delete facebook account

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