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How to properly install the drivers for your AMD or Nvidia graphics card

How to properly install the drivers for your AMD or Nvidia graphics card

Whether designed by Intel, Nvidia or AMD, the graphics driver is an essential software component in any laptop or desktop PC. Especially for those dedicated to gaming, who ship GeForce GTX and RTX or Radeon RX and soon, Intel models.

It is very important to properly install a graphics driver. And also update it regularly. Today, as soon as a new version of drivers is available, a notification will alert you either via GeForce Experience for Nvidia either by channel Adrenalin for AMD. At Intel, alerts do not exist for integrated controllers. It is therefore better to go directly to the founder's site to see if a new version is present or not.

In which case (s) do we make a flat discount and why?

Whether your PC is branded or has been assembled, you may never have reset the graphics driver. And yet, the update interfaces offer it to you each update, at Nvidia as at AMD. You just have to check a box. But there are few users who do. took too long. I'm afraid of doing wrong. And if I have a problem after … : There are multiple pretexts.

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We start from the principle that a zero reset of the graphics driver and that a clean and clean installation should only take place in two cases, stability issues aside.

  • When you change the graphics card. You swap your GeForce for a more recent model, redo an installation. You go from an AMD card to an Nvidia card or vice versa, do the cleaning and a clean installation and this step – not will help you.
  • When pilots go from one big version to another. At AMD and Nvidia, the same logic: 3D chip designers release at least one driver update per month (or even more). It all depends on video game news. The pilots are all registered in the same way, each in their respective curies.

    For example, in this month of February 2020, at Nvidia, the pilots are registered 442.xx. In March, version 443.xx should be put online, in April 444.xx etc. And, at the end of the year or if Nvidia launches a new architecture in nature, the 44x.xx pilots will fly in 45x.xx and / or in 5xx.xx. This is a major version change, we must make room.

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1. Prepare the ground

Whatever the case, you must first download the new driver to your PC. Then, then uninstall the existing drivers.

To do this, go to settings, then in applications and finally in Applications and features. L, in the list of programs, find your graphics driver.

Generally, it is named after the designer of your card's chip: AMD Crimson or Adrenalin or Nvidia GeForce Game Ready. You select it, you click on Uninstall and there, a window opens and asks you what you want to install.

Check everything, without the slightest pity, and start the process.

AMD Crimson drivers
AS /
                                                    – AMD Crimson drivers

At the end, you may be asked to restart the PC. Do not do it. Your computer can do everything like it does for the next few steps.

2. Download the right cleaning tool

When it comes to cleaning graphics drivers, we have sworn by one software for years: DDU or Display Driver Uninstaller. It's a small free program that works very well and improves with the pace of donations that users make to developers. So if you are brought up to use it regularly, think about them.

AS /
                                                    – DDU

The software installs in no time and is not at all complicated to use.

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3. Clean up

For DDU to be fully operational, you need to restart your PC in Safe Mode. If you don't know how to do it, we explain everything to you here.

When you find your Windows desktop in Safe Mode, launch DDU.

AS /
                                                    – DDU is free, simple to use and really effective. It only improves on the basis of donations made by its parents, think about it.

DDU is well configured by default. If you want to see the options offered and not selected, head to the menu options. But any change is done at your own risk …

On the main interface (above), in the right part, you have two drop-down menus. In the first, choose GPU. In the second, inform the designer of your current 3D chip. In our case, AMD.

Once it's done, you have three explicit cleaning options to choose from. Regardless of the scenario (household or change of GPU) we recommend that you select only the first. And to wait.

You will then see that the software will explore fairly abysmal places on the PC to find and erase a whole bunch of software and driver residue. And it's not over.

4. Sweep the crumbs

Once DDU has done its work, close it. Then open a Windows Explorer window and go to the root of your main hard drive. There you will find an AMD or NVIDIA folder. This is where the last residues to be expelled are found, namely the files that store previous versions of the drivers.

If you have several, keep – as a precaution – the most recent (refer to the modification date to find it). Erase the rest, you will recover quite a bit of space on your disk (between 450 and 500 MB per folder).

Household graphics driver
AS /
                                                    – The driver archives are always located at the root of the disk … provided that you did not change the destination path at the time of decompression.

If you are cleaning without changing the GPU, now is the time to restart your PC normally, via the menu Dmarrer and choosing Redmarrer.

If you want to install a new card, choose Arrter and you can start editing.

In any case, after restarting, disconnect your PC from the Internet, either by deactivating Wi-Fi or by disconnecting the network cable. Why ? Because there is a risk that Windows will try to download an AMD or Nvidia driver by default, via Windows Update. And everything we have done will have served nothing!

5. Install the new drivers

We are coming to the end of our adventure. You can now install the free download drivers on the AMD or Nvidia site. Launch the executable which will offer you to decompress its files in a folder. The installation will launch automatically, right after.

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition
AS /
                                                    – The Adrenalin 2020 Edition embodies the all-new interface for driving AMD graphics cards.

Once the process is over, it's good, the pilots are in place, on clean ground. No instability should disturb your crazy games of video games.

In case of concern, redo all the manipulation described above and reinstall the old version of the drivers, stored on your hard drive or re-download on the Nvidia or AMD sites.