How to print with your Android smartphone

How to print with your Android smartphone

Android devices are certainly mobile devices but you can also use them to print a document on your smartphone or tablet. If the process is rather simple with a WiFi or Bluetooth printer, it can be more complicated with a normal printer. You will find below different methods.

With the application of the manufacturer

First you need a printer compatible with WiFi technology. Many brands offer this technology (Canon, Epson, HP …). Then you simply go to the settings of your smartphone and look for Impression. By default, you should not find anything so tap on "Add a service", a window of the Play Store will open and you will only have to look for the application of your brand.

You will then see the mark in the list. Tap it, turn it on, and presto, the turn is played. Enter the document you want to print and, logically, press "Print" in the options.

androidpit printing
Just find the brand of your printer. AndroidPIT

With Google Cloud Print

Let's start with the configuration

The PC you usually use with your printer plays an important role. Make sure it is turned on and connected to Google Chrome, otherwise the paper will print later when you turn on your PC.

Then you have to use Google's Cloud Print technology. Your computer will bridge your smartphone and printer with your Google Account and Chrome browser.

You have to use Google's technology Cloud Print

Launch Chrome on your PC, click on the menu icon in the top right corner and choose Settings. At the bottom, click Show Advanced Settings. Find the Cloud Print section and enter the configuration menu.

google cloud print en 4
Add your printer to the Google Cloud Print. AndroidPIT

Choose Add Printer, and follow the directions to add your printer.

Then you have to find compatible applications

On your smartphone or tablet, download an application that supports Google Cloud Print. You will find the list here. This is the case for Chrome, Cloud Print and PrinterShare Mobile Print, for example. They will allow you to print easily from various applications.

I chose Cloud Print which is very easy to use. Remember to go to the settings and enable the option in the print services. You can then add your Gmail account to the app and quickly recognize the associated printers. You even have the option to print something in PDF on the Drive.

GoogleCloudPrint en 1
Think of activating the Google Cloud Print service if you want to use it! AndroidPIT

From now on when you open the sharing options on any document, browser, photo, message etc, you will find the Print option. Eventually, you may find it through the sharing menu, then you should find Cloud Print. Then let yourself be guided by the directions.

google cloud print en 2
Go to the document you want to print, press print and choose the printer. AndroidPIT

NFC printing

It is also possible to print files using NFC technology. It's much simpler but it means that your smartphone and printer are compatible with this technology. You will then need the application of the manufacturer (Samsung Mobile Print in the case of Samsung), then you simply have to put your smartphone on the NFC tag of the printer and the turn is played.

And here! Has this system worked for you?

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