How to prevent your friends from accessing your private documents

How to prevent your friends from accessing your private documents

H, it's not a picture of your girlfriend / your naked boyfriend, has?. You had without shadow of a suspicion left your smartphone in the hands of a friend (even worse, of a group damis) so that it looks at a photo. A single photo. And he came across what he should not see. Some things on our phones must remain private. But fortunately there are several methods to lock certain applications or hide folders, without you always watching who took your smartphone!

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Here's how to keep your phone private, even in the hands of someone else! AndroidPIT

Block the screen on a particular application

When you extend your phone to friends, foreigners or worse your boss or children, you usually want them to only get what you offer them (a call, a contact, or an e-mail). Not that they wander around and fall on intimate things.

Since Lollipop update, you can ping applications on the screen which means that anyone using your phone can only use one application, unless you decide otherwise. That's how to proceed.

  • Activate Pinning Screen by going to Rglages > security > Pinning dcran
  • Go to the application you want to ping.
  • Launch the recent applications, then click on green button representing a pingle that appears on the top of the application.
  • Click Start and or check the box Request the PIN before canceling the pinning. Thus, a code will be requested each time the user tries to exit the pingle application.
  • And here! To detach the application, hold the Back button and Recent Applications at the same time (and enter your PIN if necessary):
pin android screen 5 0 lollipop
The new Android Lollipop Screen Pinning feature requires you to use only the application you have chosen. AndroidPIT

Block the screen on a particular photo

If you let your friends look at your photos, you might be just a right or left sweep of the shame of your life. Photo Pinner is a really underrated app that allows you to use lollipop pinning on an individual photo. It is a tool almost essential to keep your smartphone private. Once you have downloaded the application, it will appear in the rubric Share of your photos. To use it:

  • Once you have installed Photo Pinner, go to the desired photo, then click Share > Pinner Photo.
  • Click green button, then Start to ping the screen in this photo
androidpit photo pinner
Photo Pinner appears in the Share column and blocks the screen on a single photo. AndroidPIT

Pinner Photo
Install on Google Play

Hide your photo albums using your Gallery app

Even if it is not 100% safe, here is the easiest way to hide your photos within your default gallery application. The location of this feature varies depending on the phone you are using, but here are two examples on recent HTC and Samsung devices.

For TouchWiz (Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4)

  • Gallery> Albums> Select an album> Long click on the album> Menu button> Hide items

For Sense UI (HTC One M7, HTC One M8, HTC One M9)

  • Gallery> Settings (three-point icon)> Show / Hide albums > Uncheck the box for the album you want to hide

Make invisible complete folders on your smartphone

If you want to add extra security, you can make certain folders invisible to people and for certain applications. Simply download the Solid Explorer File Manager application a file management application that allows you to create your own folders.

  • Open Solid Explorer, then find and open the folder you want to hide (or create a new one)
  • In the folder, click New at the bottom left, then File
  • Call the .nomedia file and click OK. This will allow other applications to understand which should ignore this folder.
  • If the folder still appears (for example in your gallery), then close the application in which it appears and empty the cache (Settings> Applications. You can also rename the folder in Solid Explorer (long click on the folder, then reappoint).
androidpit solid explorer
Create a .nomedia file in the folder you want to hide from applications and people. AndroidPIT

Solid Explorer Classic
Install on Google Play

I hope our suggestions have served you so that you will not be afraid to lend your phone to someone else or avoid crispy anecdotes! Do you have other tips? Share them in the comments!

In an article by Robert Zak.

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