How to prevent Microsoft from forcibly installing the new Edge on your PC?

How to prevent Microsoft from forcibly installing the new Edge on your PC?

Microsoft is about to deploy the new version of its Edge web browser. This important update, which should start on January 15, 2020 and last for several weeks, will be done in the background on all machines running Windows 10 in version 1803 (april 2018 update) and above, without the user being able to oppose it. . The new browser version will replace the old one, which will no longer be available on the machine.

If there is not really any reason to want to oppose the arrival of the new Edge, much more efficient than the old one (it is based on a Chromium base), it is quite possible to prevent Microsoft from installing it by force on your computer.

The Redmond company indeed makes available a utility, in principle intended for professionals and businesses, allowing to stop the deployment of the browser by means of an update. Here's how to use it.

1. Download the utility

Start by downloading the utility offered by Microsoft to block the forced installation of the Edge browser.

The tlcharg file in .exe format will extract several files on your computer. Create an empty directory that you will name Edge Blocker on your machine.

2. Extract the files

Double click on the file you have just downloaded, named MicrosoftEdgeChromiumBlockerToolkit.exe

In the window that displays the conditions of use of the tool, click on Yes.

Then click on Browse and select the directory you just created to extract the files contained in MicrosoftEdgeChromiumBlockerToolkit.exe and validate by pressing okay.

In total, your Edge Blocker directory should contain four files.

3. Open the command prompt

Click on the menu Dmarrer and search for the Command Prompt by entering the first letters of its name. Right click on the Command Prompt and choose to Open it as administrator.

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4. Navigate to the directory

You must now navigate to the Edge Blocker directory that you created from the command prompt.

You can easily copy the directory path by placing the mouse cursor in the file explorer address bar.

At the command prompt, type cd PathToYourDirectory and confirm by pressing the key Enter on your keyboard.

In our case, for example, we enter :

cd C: Users Lenovo Downloads Edge blocker

5. Start the blocker

Once in the correct directory, you must run the blocker from the command prompt. Just type EdgeChromium_Blocker.cmd

The utility should then display in the command prompt a list of all possible actions. To block Edge installation on your machine, type EdgeChromium_Blocker.cmd / b and press the key Enter.

A message Blocking deployment of Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) on the local machine should then be displayed, confirming the success of the operation.

However, you can go back and authorize the automatic deployment of Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) on your computer, replacing the command EdgeChromium_Blocker.cmd / b through EdgeChromium_Blocker.cmd / u, o b means block (block), and u, unblock (dbloquer).

Keep in mind that even if you have blocked the automatic installation of Edge on your machine by means of updates, nothing prevents you later from installing it manually by downloading and executing the installation file from the browser.