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How to play YouTube videos in the background?

Do you want to listen to music on Youtube while chatting on Whatsapp? Nothing’s easier.

read videos youtube background

The Youtube application on a smartphone allows you to play videos, but unfortunately it cuts off as soon as you switch to another app. The Newpipe application was designed in part to fill this gap. So start by downloading Newpipe.

Unlike the apps that download from Google Play, you will have to go to your downloads to find the APK (installation file) of Newpipe. This application is not validated by Google, it is possible that a message warns you that the app comes from an unknown source. Skip the warning and allow installation from unknown sources.

Once the program is installed and launched, find the video you want to watch in the background and launch it. To watch the video in the background, click on the icon Window located below the video:

youtube video cut

Android will then probably ask you for an overlay permission. Accept it.

android youtube applications

Once this option is enabled, you will be able to view your video in windowed mode (PIP) from other apps. Useful for listening to music from Youtube while launching Waze for example:

waze youtube

Also note: you can use Newpipe as a music player. The app is placed on your screen saver if you lock your smartphone.

listen music background smartphone

Finally and after finishing the configuration of Newpipe, do not forget to deactivate the authorization to install applications from unknown sources. This is to avoid possible future uses. This setting can be changed from the menu Settings> Advanced settings> Security> Unknown sources.

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