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How to play your Android games on computer?

Would you like to continue playing mobile games on the big screen? See favoring the use of your PC or Mac keyboard and mouse to progress faster? It’s possible. Just install the right app.

play android pc mac

How to play Android games on your computer? And why ? Simply because you no longer have enough battery on your phone, your tablet is used by someone else, that the handling on a 5 ” screen is complicated … the reasons for wanting to emulate your Android games can to be many. To do this, you will need to use the Bluestacks software.

Download Bluestack

The software is quite large but very easy to use. It will run at the end of its installation. During the first launch, Bluestacks will evaluate the performance of your computer before emulating the Android system. It is for this reason that the initial use of Bluestacks can take several minutes. Do not worry.

Once the system is launched, you will arrive on this page:

bluestacks pc mac computer

Install your games and backups easily

Then go to the Google Play Store to start installing your games (or new games). Google will then ask you to identify yourself with your Google account. Once done, the interface of Google Play is exactly the same as on a tablet in landscape format. Once the game is (re) found, click on Install. The identification with your Google account will also allow you to find certain backups of your games.

android games pc mac

As you can see, Bluestacks works like a browser with open tabs for applications. For games where it is necessary to move, such as Pokemon Go or Ingress, Bluestacks allows you to modify your geolocation. Just click on the position tab, at the bottom right of the screen:

geolocation games pokemon go ingress pc mac

Be careful not to abuse the system too much, otherwise your account will be banned on certain games.

So much for the main features of Bluestacks. The software does not stop there since it allows you to open on your computer all the applications available on Google Play. It is able to use the webcam of your computer and to perfect it all, it is compatible with keyboards, mice and certain controllers. What crush your enemies!

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