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How to play with a PS4 controller on your computer?

The controller is your weapon of choice when you play on computer? If you prefer it to the classic keyboard / mouse combo, you also have requirements regarding its choice. For you, it will not be an XBox controller but a Dualshock 4! Here’s how to set it up.

play controller ps4 computer

The keyboard-mouse combo bores you… but you don’t have a controller on hand, except for your PS4. A very good wireless controller that shines with its precision. But which is not natively compatible with operating systems, other than that of your console. To get around this limit, you have to make your computer believe that your PS4 controller is a controller… XBox! You just have to connect it via bluetooth or USB port to your computer to be able to play with it.

Connect your Dualshock 4 controller in Windows

Whether you are on Windows 10 or an earlier version of the Microsoft operating system, you will need to install a specific driver to recognize your PS4 controller. This is called DS4Windows and can be downloaded directly here as a Zip file. Right click to start extracting the content, the system will ask for a specific location. Then run the program DS4Windows.exe and choose the option ViGEmBus Driver if you are on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, 360Driver, if you are upgrading to Windows 7 or earlier.

ps4 pc driver interface

Your controller is now recognized. You have the choice to connect it to your PC via USB port or Bluetooth.

  • For the USB solution, plug your controller into one of the USB ports on your machine. Windows will detect it automatically. You can immediately launch your favorite game.
  • To pair your controller using bluetooth, press the buttons simultaneously PS and Share your controller for a few seconds until the light bar flashes twice. Then go to the settings Peripheral devices > Bluetooth Windows, then click Activate. Please select Wireless Controller to match. If prompted by Windows, enter the pairing code 0000.

What about Linux?

Unlike Windows, Linux natively supports Dualshock4 controllers. You do not need to install a driver. If you want to play, just plug in your controller using a USB cable or via bluetooth.

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