How to play Pokmon GO on PC and Mac

How to play Pokmon GO on PC and Mac

Pokmon GO is the game phnomne of the entrance. Even your aunt or friend who does not know anything about technology knows the game. Pokmon GO dries up passions, ignites debates and everyone has their own opinion of the game. Not everyone wants to. (or does not have time) to walk around the street with the smartphone in hand. Let's see together today how to play Pokmon GO on PC and Mac.

Yes, Pokmon GO is above all a mobile game. But even if the game is by definition only for users of Android and iOS smartphones, it is also possible to enjoy the game from a PC or Mac.

AndroidPIT pokemon location apps
Tired of playing on smartphone? Play Pokmon GO on your computer. AndroidPIT


Before I start, I want to make it clear that this is not a method to install Pokmon GO on your PC on your Mac using an Android emulator. While this is possible (with eg Nox App Player or Bluestacks and the Pokmon GO APK), the method is not everyone's door and is mainly used to impersonate its GPS position and thus cheat. Niantic, the developer of the game, is now particularly vigilant this type of fraud and banned daily players for this practice.

For people who are interested in this method, however, be aware that an English user has posted a video on YouTube. AndroidPIT, however, disclaims any responsibility for the consequences if you attempt to cheat.

How to play Pokmon GO on PC and Mac

The method I selected is simpler. It simply uses an application called Vysor that can reproduce the screen of your Android smartphone on your PC or Mac. You can leave your phone on the table and watch what's happening on your computer.

Of course, you will not be able to hunt Pokerns in bars, museums or parks but it will still be possible to see Pokmon coming to see you if you leave the application running all day long.


As a reminder, it is essential to enable USB debugging in the settings of the smartphone. To do this, first make sure you have enabled developer options on Android. If this is not the case, go to settings > the phone and tap seven times on Build number. Then return to the settings and select Options for developers. You now only have to activate the USB debug mode, which appears in the options.

For more help, I advise you to read our article ddi: How to activate the options developers on Android

Download and install Vysor on Chrome

The first thing to do is to install the Vysor extension for Chrome. Note that it is only available for Google Chrome. If you are on Windows, you must also install the ADB Android drivers. You can also install the Vysor application on your Android smartphone by downloading from the Google Play but know that it will automatically install when you connect your smartphone.

Once the extension installs, please connect your smartphone using a USB cable and enable USB debugging.

androidpit vysor pokemon go
Vysor can take care of installing the APk AndroidPIT

After a few moments, the screen of your smartphone will be reproduced on your computer (this is called the mirror screen). You can then open Pokmon GO and wait patiently for little monsters to come up to you!

androidpit vysor pokemon go 2
It is possible to go hunting Pokemon while sitting in his chair. AndroidPIT

For more tranquility (especially at work), I recommend you to return the screen of your smartphone. Your phone will vibrate to warn you whenever a Pokmon is near you. The good news is that catching a Pokmon is quite easy using a mouse.

androidpit vysor pokemon go 3
Catch them all ! AndroidPIT

Are you conquered by Pokmon GO?

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