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how to permanently delete files from iCloud Drive

icloud delete files How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files

Recently we saw how to recover deleted files on iCloud. We will now detail the method for permanently deleting deleted files on iCloud, that is to say preventing deleted files from being restored.

You may have noticed, but deleted iCloud files will not go to the Recycle Bin on your computer (whether Windows or Mac) although you will still delete them like the others. What can reassure you, because on your iPhone, there is no trash.

iCloud Drive has its own temporary recycle bin. It is not accessible from your file explorer on your computer. Keyboard shortcuts won't help you.

Good to know : move one or more files to the Trash: the key Remove on Windows and Ordered + Wipe off on Mac. Shift + Remove will permanently delete a file, without going to the Trash. However, be careful when doing Shift + Ordered + Wipe off on Mac, you empty your Trash, the effect is not the same.

You will have to go to iCloud.com or use the iOS application.

Method 1: for computers, delete from iCloud.com

You will understand, opening your Recycle Bin is useless in the case of iCloud Drive files. A browser will be much more useful.

Of course, a browser can be used on computers as on smartphones or on tablets. However, when you go to the iCloud.com site from your iPhone, the only functionality available is the location of your iPhone (which also exists in application). This is why there is an iOS app for Files iCloud Drive (see method 2) which facilitates the management of your documents.

Let's start:

1.1. Open your browser on the iCloud.com site;

1.2. Identify yourself with your iCloud ID;

icloud connexion How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files

1.3. Click on iCloud Drive ;

icloud home How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files

1.4. Find the equivalent of a temporary trash by going to Recently deleted, bottom right;

icloud drive files How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files

You have the choice, 2 options are available to you:

1.5. Click on Delete all, which is equivalent to emptying your Recycle Bin ;

delete all icloud How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files


1.6. Select one or more elements of the folder;

1.7. Prefer Remove to delete only the selected files.

delete icloud file How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files

To be sure to make the right choice, do not hesitate to click on the i for information about the item you are about to delete for good.

file deletes info How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files

Method 2: on iOS, delete permanently with Files

Do you prefer to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Everything will happen in the application Files, formerly iCloud Drive.

The deletion takes place in the same way as everywhere else in iOS: you swipe to the left then press Remove (one file at a time) or you Slectionize the elements then you press the icon of the Trash.

delete ios file How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files

This has the same effect as on your computer: the files are moved to the temporary diCloud Drive Recycle Bin. Let's delete them irrevocably.

2.1. Open Files ;

2.2. (optional) If To explore is not displayed and you have the possibility to go back, press Return to return to the home page;

2.3. Press on Recent deletions ;

Recent iPhone Delete Files How to Delete iCloud Drive Permanently

This time, you have 3 options to permanently delete files, including 2 iOS favorites:

2.4. Drag the file to the left;

2.5. Press Remove ;

permanent delete iphone drag How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files


2.6. Press on Slect. ;

2.7. Select the file (s);

2.8. Press Remove ;

delete select iphone file How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files


2.9. Hold on the file;

2.10. Press Remove.

delete iphone file How to permanently delete iCloud Drive files

It is also by keeping the pressure on a particular file that you can view its Info if you want to make sure you delete the correct item.

Whether you are on a computer or iOS you can access the diCloud Drive temporary Recycle Bin. If you do not wish to wait 30 days for a file to be deleted, you can delete it (or recover it) before the deadline. Some methods allow group deletion while others will favor file deletion one by one.

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