How to Perform a Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

How to Perform a Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of the best smartphones on the market. But for some reason, users may experience problems that can only be resolved by performing a factory data reset. The main reason for such a decision is the slowness of the device. This usually happens when the device starts recording unwanted data in the form of cache, cookies, etc. Thus, to erase your device and free up unwanted data space, you must perform a factory data reset. The steps are quite simple. So if you're having a problem with your device and want to know how to do a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 10, read the content below.

First of all, you must save your data. Factory data reset deletes everything on your phone, including apps, photos, videos, etc. It also restores the default settings. This is why you must first create a backup.

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Method 1

In this method, we will perform a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 using the options in Settings. As mentioned, it is recommended that you back up your data before resetting your phone. To reset your phone to factory settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Scroll down and find and press Factory data reset
  3. Again, press the factory data reset option
  4. Then click on the Reset button
  5. To perform the reset, the phone will ask for the pin, password or model
  6. After entering the PIN or password, press Delete All

Your phone will now restart and begin deleting all files and folders and restoring the default settings. This process will usually take 2 to 3 minutes, after which the phone will restart.

Method 2

This method is also known as hard reset. This method is probably used when the first method of the factory data reset option does not work because for this option, you will use the buttons. Hard reset usually erases all data from your device. Follow the steps below:

  1. To reset your phone using this method, turn it off first
  2. Then press and hold the Bixby button and the volume up button simultaneously, then press and hold the power button
  3. Wait for the screen to display the green Android logo, then release the three keys
  4. The screen will display Installation of the system update menu for 30 to 60 seconds, then the menu option Recovery of the Android system will appear
  5. Navigate to the recovery menu option using the volume down key, then select the “ clear data / factory reset '' option (the selected option is highlighted)
  6. Press the power button to press the option “ clear data / factory reset ''
  7. Scroll through the options using the volume down key until “ Yes – delete all user data '' – the option is highlighted
  8. Press the power button to start the hard reset or the main reset
  9. This process will take approximately 5 minutes to complete, then the Restart System Now option is highlighted on the screen.
  10. Press the option by pressing the Start / Stop button
  11. Your phone will restart.

Once your phone is started, you can install your apps and data. You will need to configure it as a new device. If you have problems with resetting the factory data or if the process does not work, you can visit one of the nearby Samsung stores.