How to pay with Apple Pay on Mac in Safari

How to pay with Apple Pay on Mac in Safari

apple pay iconApple Pay today represents one of the simplest, most practical and fun ways to pay (well, maybe not enough to pay one the cherries of a tray).

Recently, it is possible to use this payment method on Mac, here's how in our new episode "Mac Easy".

Prerequisites: You must have a mobile device compatible with Apple Pay iOS 10 (with a bank card saves) and Mac under macOS Sierra (or just the latest MacBook Pro with Touch ID integrated).

PS : if you want to pay on iPhone with Apple Pay, it's here.

Enable Apple Pay on Mac

  • step 1 : Check that Apple Pay is activated in Safari (it can be enabled by default). For this, open the Safari application. Click on Safari in the Mac's status bar, next to the apple, and go to Preferences … on the tab confidentiality.

apple pay safari preferences

  • Step 2 : for Apple Pay on Mac to work properly you have to make sure that the box in front of youAllow websites to check if Apple Pay is configured is well ticked.

apple pay safari privacy

Enable Apple Pay for Mac on iPhone / iPad Pro

  • step 1 : go to the native application Rglages, in the section Wallet and Apple Pay.

apple pay mac iphone settings

  • Step 2 : activate the switch in front ofAllow payments (if it is not already there) in the section Payments on the Mac.

Pay on a website with Apple Pay

  • step 1 : visit one of the many compatible websites (Adidas, Burberry, EasyJet, Expedia, Groupon,, Kickstarter, Nike, Office Depot, Pizza Hut, Rakuten, Reebok, Toys R Us, etc.) with Apple Pay on Safari.
  • Step 2 : after having validated your basket, at the level of means of payment, the option Apple Pay must appear. Just click the Pay button.

apple pay safari payment

  • Step 3 : Accept the payment and validate the transaction by placing your finger on the Touch ID of your iPhone / iPad Pro.

apple pay mac iphone touch id

Use Apple Pay on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

If you're one of the few privileges that have just acquired a 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, paying with Apple Pay on your Mac is even easier!

Just set up the Touch ID and Apple Pay at the first boot (otherwise go back later in System Preferences in the section Wallet and Apple Pay) and you will just have to press your finger on the integrated fingerprint sensor to validate your Apple Pay purchases in Safari.

What experience do you have of Apple Pay in general?