How to organize your contacts on Android

How to organize your contacts on Android

We do not talk much about it, but the Contacts application is one of the most important applications on a smartphone. Your device may allow you to play, surf the web, do your shopping etc, it is nonetheless a phone! Here's how to organize your contacts on Android correctly.

Android helps you manage your contact list a bit, but the possibilities it offers are not always very clear or very advanced. So here's something special for you, a little tutorial that includes third-party applications that you can also use to manage your contacts, whether you have a Pixel 3 or a Galaxy Note 9, everything works in the same way or almost.

How to manage your contacts in a simple way

The Contacts app (it has changed many times from names but is called Contacts in the latest versions) allows you to immediately access contacts associated with your Google Account. You also find a button Research at the top right and a big color button Add contact down right.

androidpit FR contacts
Open a Contact card to see how you can communicate. AndroidPIT

Choose any contact to display its associated form – you can then call, send an email or an SMS (provided that this information is included), see the latest interactions (the latest SMS sent) and edit the information contact on your device (via the icon Pencil in the upper right).

androidpit FR contacts 2
Contacts also offers options to help you remove duplicates. AndroidPIT

Customize your contacts

Tap the button More (three vertical dots) and choose Customize life – The next screen will then allow you to choose which contacts to display in the application, and which contacts you want to hide.

androidpit en contacts 4
You can add contacts from third-party applications. AndroidPIT

You can choose among all the applications with their own list of contacts (like Whatsapp and Facebook) and the subsections of these lists (if there are any). In the case of your Google contacts for example, you may be interested in choosing a group of contacts, rather than viewing them all. You can choose to view specific groups instead of all contacts in your Google Account.

Customizing your contacts by choosing Google View contact groups, as well as third-party contact groups, will take a little time, but you will earn a lot later. Your Contact application will be much more effective if you hide, for example, the group of carpoolers from three years ago, for the benefit of the people with whom you communicate the most.

Contacts +
Install on Google Play

Other Contacts Apps exist on the Play Store

If you want to go beyond and release the native application of pure Android, there are many alternatives on the Play Store. Contacts +, for example, impressively integrates social networks and has a lot of customization features.

Cloze is another application that is worth a look: it tries to analyze the interactions you have with your contacts to meet your expectations before you formulate them. It can even keep you up to date on social network updates in case you have missed them.

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