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How to officially unlock your iPhone

Hi, I just unlocked my iPhone (I couldn’t check with another chip if it worked), but here’s what I can tell you:

1) at SFR, DO NOT GO ON THE INTERNET! 6 days to tell me that they can’t find my IMEI, whereas by phone, it took 5 minutes in total. 2) they restore the phone completely, so you have to save, you will have to re-jailbreak, and there will have an update on the latest iOS SO check that the latest iOS is jailbreakable. 3) At Orange, it’s also free after 3 months, if they want to charge you, threaten to report them to management general fraud repression. 4) nothing to do, but your iPhones are ALL guaranteed 2 years even if Apple or your operator says otherwise, there is a law for that. 5) to get rid of your operator, re-engagement is only possible if you signed a re-engagement contract, over the phone, it doesn’t count (and they often try to get you like that, but it’s illegal)

Prepare well, Free arrives before 15 days;)

Good day and happy new year