How to migrate data from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge

How to migrate data from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft started a few days ago the deployment of the new version of its Edge web browser. Based on the open source Chromium project, the new Microsoft Edge is faster, and has little to do with what it was.

It now includes many features of Google Chrome and offers new ones that make it much more attractive than usual. Microsoft is doing everything to encourage you to use the new version of its browser. At first boot, Edge offers the user to import their data from Google Chrome to be immediately functional.

You can almost instantly find your passwords, bookmarks, addresses and other navigation settings.

1. Access the extensions menu

Launch Edge on your machine, click on the main menu figured by three small dots, and go to the menu dedicated to extensions.

2. Allow extensions from other stores

In the window that is displayed, deploy the menu extensions top left, and activate the option Allow extensions from other stores. Confirm your choice by clicking on To allow.

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3. Install the Chrome extensions

Then go directly to the Chrome Web Store to download extensions from Google Chrome.

A blue banner indicating that you can now install extensions should be displayed at the top of the window.

Find the extension you want to install on Microsoft Edge and click the button Add Chrome. The extension, in principle designed to work on Google Chrome, should be installed without problems on the new version of Microsoft's web browser.