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How to merge PDF files?

merge pdf files

Do you have two PDF documents and would you like to be able to merge them into one? There are many sites that offer this service online and for free … but you have no guarantee on the confidentiality of the data sent. Fortunately, there are other simple solutions which guarantee this confidentiality. This is the case for example with PDFCreator software.

Once the software is installed, open the first PDF file you want to merge and click on the button impression.

print pdf file

From the printer list, select PDFCreator. Then start “printing”. The following window will then appear:

merge pdfcreator

First, we suggest that you name the file. In the case of merging multiple files, this will help you to order the files in the next step. Then click on the button Merge. The following screen will then appear:

organize pdfcreator

Then open the second file you want to merge and start the manipulation again Impression > PDFCreator. The file will automatically be added to the list. If you want to merge other documents, repeat this manipulation until you see all your documents appear in the list. If, for example, the files to be merged have page numbers, you can also drag them. This allows you to decide the order in which they will appear in the final file.

merge all pdfcreator

Once the page order has been defined, click on Merge all then on To pursue. Finally on the window that appears, click on Save to save the merged file. It will automatically open in your default PDF reader.

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