How to measure your heart rate on any Android

How to measure your heart rate on any Android

Samsung has released with great sound its Galaxy S5, equipped with a heart rate monitor placed just below the camera. But did you know that you could measure your heart rate on any Android smartphone?

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No need for the Galaxy S5 to know his heart rate! / ANDROIDPIT
<p style=There is nothing more simple to say because you just have to install the right application: we chose Runtastic Heart Rate, in which you can have 100% confidence. This version is free, there is also a pro version if you want to get some additional features.

Runtastic Heart Rate Heart Rate Measurement
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You need to register Runtastic to use this app. If you already have a cr account for one of the Runtastic applications, you can connect with it. Then follow the guide!

Start the measurement, and press your finger against the sensor of your camera: the flash turns on, but it is indeed on the photo sensor that you have to put your index finger.

runtastic frequency 1


  • Make sure you do not move: use a table and both hands to stay steady throughout the measurement.
  • Press your finger against the sensor, but not too hard!
  • If that does not work, be sure to place your finger. Changing hands can also help you better position yourself.
  • If you do not have a flash, it will redouble attention: place your finger at best, and especially do not move.

The application is rather accurate in its measurements, which is also quite surprising. You can, once the test is finished, indicate your state (at rest, active, etc.) and add notations, just as you can get used to on Runtastic.

runtastic frequency 2

The free version allows you to measure up to 3 times your heart rate per day. The PRO app, allowing unlimited measures and the removal of ads (among others), is currently 0.99 on the Google Play Store for a hard term, you see if these 50% of sales are worth it!

Runtastic Heart Rate PRO FC
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