How to manage your Facebook data on other websites

How to manage your Facebook data on other websites

Facebook has just unveiled its new tool, Activity outside of Facebook. It allows users to take back control of the data that the social network collects regarding its activity outside the social network.

With this tool, Facebook users can now control the data that the social network collects on the sites they visit outside the platform. They can thus view the content in their history, but also delete it by dissociating them from their account.

Accessible from the Web interface but also from the Android and iOS mobile applications, access to this new module is not really easy. Here's how to access it to effectively manage your business outside of Facebook.

1. Access Activity outside of Facebook

Access to activity outside of Facebook differs depending on the device you are using. From a computer, go directly to the dedicated page,

On iOS, go to the main menu of the application, scroll through the options and enter the menu Privacy shortcuts. Then locate the section devoted Your Facebook data and enter the menu View or delete your activity outside of Facebook.

On Android, open the main menu by pressing the Facebook icon at the top right, scroll down the menu Settings and privacy and enter them Privacy shortcuts. Scroll down to the section on Your Facebook data and enter the menu View or delete your activity outside of Facebook.

2. View your activity outside of Facebook

From the main menu of the module, enter the menu Manage your activity outside of Facebook. Enter your password to authenticate yourself, and validate by pressing To send.

You should now access a page with a full history of your activity outside of Facebook. You will discover there that Facebook is aware that you have read press articles on certain sites, that you have consulted videos on a streaming platform, or that you have bought a pair of shoes on a dedicated site.

Besides the number of interactions that Facebook has received, you will not get detailed information about their content directly. To view them, you will need Download activity details, an option that actually returns to the tool allowing you to Download your information, to get all the data Facebook has about you since you started using the service.

3. Disable data collection

In the details of each item displayed in the list of your activities outside of Facebook, you can individually choose to Disable future activity.

You can also choose to completely disable all future activities from the main module page Your activity outside of Facebook. Expand the menu More options, enter Manage future activity. You can then deactivate completely future activity outside of Facebook, or manage itActivity you have disabled to reactivate deactivated activities individually.

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4. Clear history

Go back to the top of your activity list or return to the main module page. If desired, press Clear history and confirm your choice by pressing the appropriate button again to delete all activities outside of Facebook that the social network may have collected.

Finally, note that if you previously chose to completely disable future activity, the elements contained in the history should, in principle, already be completely gone.