How to make sure your Android device charges properly

We probably all go through this problem that our phone or tablet isn’t charging as fast as we want it to, sometimes we even wonder if the device is charging or not? Sometimes the connection (Cable or mains charger) is faulty, so you cannot know it, and here is where Ampere join the game. Ampere will show you how the device is charging. The app will show you all kinds of information about your device. Including if plugged in, with (AC, car charger, USB, etc.), also the level and health of the battery.

Some other useful information which Ampere shows you is the voltage, as well as the temperature of your device. You don’t want your device to heat up while charging, as this will do more damage than good to your smartphone. The best part is that it shows you how fast it’s in charge.

How to make sure your Android device charges properly with Ampere Application

Measure the charge and discharge current of your battery.

Unplug device

ampere1 ampere2

Device plug in

ampere3 ampere4

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