How to make good Instagram posts

We want to share our secrets to making good posts and being more efficient in your search for followers. Once you’ve mastered these two skills, you might wonder why your Instagram isn’t growing as fast as you’d expect, or an image isn’t getting as many likes as you thought.

How to make good Instagram posts

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If you don’t know the tips for posting good posts on Instagram , this AstuceTech article explains them step by step:

You will need:

An Instagram account.

Steps to follow:

1. Download apps for improve the effectiveness of the photos you post on Instagram, such as, for example, Typic PRO (add borders, fonts and emoticons) Frametastic or NoCRop (for prevent Instagram from cropping your photos ).

2. Look for new filters in others photo apps that preserve the quality of your images such as Retrica or similar.

3. Create content that excites your subscribers , such as content that they can relate to, such as funny quotes and images that they will want to share, create beautiful Christmas cards to wish them happy holidays, etc.

To find out what your followers like best about your posts, you can also use Instagram Analytics , which provides you with a detailed analysis of the characteristics that attract your followers to your posts.

4. Do not add Pictures that don’t belong to you, because they are repetitive and your followers will probably have seen them already. Don’t use Google Images! You lousevez however repost photos from other Instagram accounts.

Giveaways are not a good idea either, they will immediately make your message look like spam.

5. Tag or tag other people in your Instagram posts. Make sure you use hashtags wisely, don’t go crazy, and use random words, but those you know in your target audience are using them. This way, new people who may be interested in your account will find you.

Avoid spammy hashtags such as #tagsforlikes or # Followback, this is not going to get you quality audience.

How to make good Instagram posts

6. Call to action by inviting others to comment or to take another action, as you will undoubtedly have seen it many times: “Give the photo the same tone if it has happened to you before”

7. Do amazing things that are not so common on Instagram. Use amazing images to create interesting repeating videos such as Boomerang to grab the user’s attention.

You can also add music to your Instagram photos . It will definitely grab the attention of your audience.

8. Let us know if you have more followers with our tips! You can also follow us on our Instagram account:

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