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How to make an iPad faster?

If you have an old diPad model (version 1,2,3, 4, or even liPad mini 1), it probably does not work as quickly as you would like. The iPadOS operating system used for iPads is effective but slows down over time.

Fortunately, there are a few techniques to boost your tablet, and we have selected the most effective for you.

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1. A lighter iPad is a faster iPad

Unload your iPad from the applications you no longer use.

Doing a real cleanup in your apps can dramatically improve the performance of your iPad and allow it to run more efficiently.

To delete an application, press and hold its icon until entering the editing mode (all applications start shaking) then tap on the cross which appears at the top left.

To find out which applications are the most demanding on your iPad, go to Settings General Storage.

Among the options offered, you can choose between Uninstall unused apps, ATActivate the iCloud Photo Library or Delete old conversations. You will also have access to the list of all your applications.

If you feel that one of them is taking up too much space, then tap on it to delete it.

It is often the apps dedicated to videos, podcasts or photos that require the most space. Nothing obliges you to delete them, but we advise you to sort their content.

2. Remove apps & restart iPad

Once you have done the cleaning in your applications, restart your iPad to refresh its memory.

Press and hold the sleep button until the screen prompts you to turn off the iPad, then turn it back on.

For the latest generation iPads, press the upper and volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

3. Disable background update

Now that you've deleted a few apps, your iPad should be faster.

If you are using an older tablet model like iPad 2 or iPad mini, turn off non-essential functions like background refresh.

This process allows you to extend the life of your device.

For that, go to Settings General Updating in the background.

4. iPad & iPadOS updates – a complicated relationship

Please note, updating your iPadOS may be double-edged. Many iPads are becoming more efficient, but some (the older ones) are getting even slower.

Indeed, the new diPadOS versions can introduce functionality badly supported by the older models. If you've already followed all of our advice and your tablet is still slow then it's worth a try … as a last resort.

To update your iPad, go to Settings General Software update. If a new diPadOS version is available, then go to Download and install.

5. Clear Safari Cache

If your Safari application is idling, this probably means that its navigation cache (memory space through which web pages are saved) is full.

To empty it, go to Settings Safari Wipe off historical, give of site.

6. The problem may not be with your iPad

If after clearing the Safari cache, the application is still slow, then the problem may not come from your iPad but rather from your internet connection.

To check its speed, download the Speedtest Test internet speed application directly to your iPad.

The average internet speed in France is 8.9 Mbps (but it can go much faster in urban areas). If your iPad only has access 1-4 Mbps, then this means that the speed of your connection is too slow and that all your applications working from Wi-Fi will be too.

The solution ? Either get closer to the Wi-Fi router, or change it.

7. Disable notifications

Searching and viewing notifications can slow down your tablet. To deactivate this function, go to Settings Notifications, and for each application, turn off notifications.

8. Disable geolocation

Geolocation is useful when you are running certain applications such as Maps or Waze. However, it is very energy-consuming and its use reduces the performance of your iPad.

Fortunately, it is possible to deactivate this function. To do this, go to Settings Confidentiality Location service.

9. Stop Spotlight

Spotlight allows you to find files on your Mac, but for this, the application must index each element of your iPad, so this can affect its speed.

To stop Spotlight, go to Settings Siri and Search, select one of the apps from the list and deactivate it.

10. Reduce entertainment

If you have followed all of our advice but your iPad is not as responsive as you would like, then we suggest activating "reduce motion".

See you in Settings General Accessibility Reduce entertainment.

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