How to make a Skype conference call

The latest version of Skype introduced a number of accessibility and calling features, including the ability to call a conference call with just the push of a button. Now you can turn any chat, audio, or video call into a conference call of up to four people. You can also add or remove people from a group call existing. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

Skype teleconferencing is an indispensable tool, whether you use it for any purpose personal or professional . If you are in a remote location and often need to contact your family, friends, customers, employees or partners, Skype teleconferencing can be a cost-effective and hassle-free way to do so.

Skype conference calls are set up with extreme ease and incredible speed. Several people can be connected together in no time. If you want to discuss a project with your classmates or inform your colleagues or your employees of a particular task, you can associate them with a Skype conference call and send your message efficiently and quickly.

Because Skype works over the Internet, you can make free calls . If you have an already activated Internet connection, you can organize a conference call without paying a dime. However, the paid version of Skype offers better features and greater accessibility. The only concern you may have in terms of payment is how much money you are spending on internet data .

Since you can talk to multiple members at once without visiting them, you reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. If you are away from your family, you can stay in contact with your loved ones by Skype teleconference and meet them face to face. As a result, you rarely feel the need to visit the scene, reducing fuel consumption and pollution.

You can set up a Skype conference call from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection . Since no one has to travel, the teleconference can be established even at unspecified hours. There will be no traffic jams you will have to deal with and you can attend meetings only in your pijamas.

Skype is accessible 24 hours a day , 7 days on 7 and you can access it from any device including your cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer. All you have to do is open Skype and enter your username and password to sign in.