How to make a pop song using artificial intelligence?

How to make a pop song using artificial intelligence?

It's hard to avoid Artificial Intelligence, it's everywhere. Technology companies put it on a pidestal and we, the media, we marvel (perhaps sometimes a little too much) face the potential of this technology. Anyway, artificial intelligence is writing songs and I wanted to take a look at it. Is it really possible to write a big pop song with the help of the AI?

In this article, we will examine the theoretical side of using AI to write music. I will show you the best tools to use and how they work. I will also explain the different elements that make up a song and how to use Ai to help you write them.

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What do you need for a song?

For the purposes of this article, I will stick to the basic principles of pop song composition. That means you'll need chords, melody and lyrics. With the help of AI software, you can get it all quickly and easily.

If this is your first song, it's better to use one of the most common structures found in millions of pop songs, past as present. You can play with different formats, but you will essentially need these parts:

  • Intro
  • Verse (at least two)
  • Chorus (rpt several times)
  • Bridge
  • Outro

Of course, music is a matter of expression and some of the great music was invented by breaking the rules, but you have to learn how to walk before you can run. Some of the most iconic music of all time are built on the basic principles of musical theory.

The structure of a popular song consists of: intro> verse> chorus> verse> chorus> bridge> verse> chorus> outro. Examples of songs that use this structure are Beatles Day Tripper, or Oasis Live Forever.

How to write a chord progression using AI

Writing a chord progression is the starting point for many musicians, but traditional methods mean you have to know all the major and minor tones, and to know which chords work with which tones. Fortunately, using AI will avoid these constraints. Applications like Amadeus Code, the artificial intelligence-based writing wizard, can do all this for you.

have music songwriting 02
Amadeus Code is without a doubt an excellent application. AndroidPIT

You can start with a title you like, using the function discover or by looking for your favorite artists to hear the sound of a real title thanks to Amadeus Code. The selection of artists, however, is still limited for the moment. Then you can switch the tab Song by sliding your finger upward to get an unlimited number of complete songs inspired by real artists but written by the AI.

At the beginning, the songs sound like televised themes for the children. The idea is that you take these ingredients and use them to create your own song. All elements are created for you (tones, chord progression, melody, tempo), but it's up to you to put them into practice.

amadeus code ai song writing
Create songs in seconds using this AI-based composition tool. AndroidPIT

Another great tool for chord progression is aboriginal. The application is far from the possibilities offered by Amadeus Code, but you will find the basics to do a good job. First, choose your base from a wide range of musical genres. You can also choose between piano and guitar as the instrument on which the chords will be displayed.

If you are not a master chords and tones, choose at random, this phase is not very important and you can always change your choices later.

autochords app ai song writing
You can get chords for piano or guitar. AndroidPIT

The main progression will thus be generated, as well as several alternatives. You would probably like to use the main chord sequence for your verses and something else for choruses or decks. listen and choose the ones you prefer. The chords I found in the application were not all in tune, but, as always with the music, if it sounds good, then it's good.

Amadeus Code and Autochord are currently only available on iOS, but there are also great options for those who do not have an Apple device and prefer to use the browser. ChordChord is one of the simplest and most effective online tools currently. This will randomly generate a chord progression, set the tempo, and add a little arpge and drums.

chord prog 1 1
ChordChord gives you everything you need, but you have to produce it yourself. AndroidPIT

The negative aspects of this instrument are that there is no way to export the sounds, it is limited to four chord progressions and you can see them only at the piano. There is a lot of work to do if you have musical knowledge, but you will have to work harder than with Autochords, for example.

How to write a melody using IA

You can use some tools to create melodies and this is probably the most difficult part of the guide. The same chord progressions are used repeatedly in popular music, but a great melody is immediately recognizable.

Google's Melody Maker, part of the Chrome Music Lab, is one of the tools you need to write melodies that offer a little more freedom than Amadeus Code, the difference that it does not require any musical training.

chrome melody maker
It's a bit of experimentation, but yes, you can make music. AndroidPIT

If this is the first time you write a melody and have no musical knowledge, I suggest you simply drag the mouse on the page to position the notes. Press on play and listen to the sound. You can then adjust each note to increase or decrease its pitch. You can also change the tempo in the bottom measure and add octaves. Play a little until you find the melody that suits you.

Amadeus Code is also suitable for writing a melody. Artificial intelligence will cry for you while you create a new song, but if you do not like it you can always change it with another one.

Go to the settings and search for the song previously created and change what interests you the most, including the length of the note. You can also change the musical age if you want to create a song with a particular style.

How to write lyrics using IA

What's a great pop song without big lyrics? We can not all be Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, are we? There are many different ways to deal with it. Some authors have used random lines from novels for their texts, while others, such as public service broadcasting, use spoken words or documentaries and other archival material to complete their songs.

Whatever your style, artificial intelligence can help you speed up the process. Online song lyrics generators like this one can make rhymes on almost any topic that interests you. You can also choose an artist you want to emulate and artificial intelligence will create texts in the same style. Just enter the words in the boxes (or use the "suggest" button) and let the AI ​​do the rest.

song lyrics generator main
You can clearly see the inspiration behind this example. AndroidPIT

You can also use a pome generator to make things a bit more abstract, like this one. One of the most fun ways to write text, however, is to use Google's auto-fill tips. Google Poetics is a site that generates (almost) poetic verses by entering a word or phrase in Google Search and letting the algorithm do the rest. It's a creative way to create unusual song lyrics for your pop masterpiece.

If you are not familiar with the arrangements

Chordify is a great option for aspiring songwriters who are unable to identify chords in the ear. The application allows you to search for any artist and will play the song showing you chords and chord changes in real time. It also works by "costing" a YouTube video, which means that any song uploaded to the video streaming service is compatible. There is also a premium version that allows you, among other things, to change the tempo, which costs five euros per month. In the web version, you can also download a song (such as the song exported from Amadeus Code) to discover the chords.

chordify app ai song writing
Chordify will tell you the chords of each song / AndroidPIT

What's the next step?

Once you have all the elements to make a successful pop song, it's time to "go into the studio" and record it. I must emphasize that these AI instruments are designed to be simple assistants writing songs and not success factories. The reference market is that of singer-songwriters in trouble, without ideas and in need of a creative spark. Artificial intelligence may be your McCartney, but you still have to work hard to produce a decent pop song.

That's exactly what I'm going to do too! I will follow this process and, with the help of a few AndroidPIT colleagues, I will try to use the AI ​​to help me write and record a (slightly) pop song. Stay tuned!

Have you ever tried any of these apps?

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