How to killer an application on your Apple Watch with WatchOS 3?

How to killer an application on your Apple Watch with WatchOS 3?

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easy iphone icon iphone for dummiesToday we will see how to force an application to close with WatchOS 3.

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While it was enough before two long presses on the button "favorites" of the Apple Watch to leave an application, with the arrival of WatchOS 3 your watch is gaining velocity but the shortcuts change slightly. The bottom button is a reminder of the dock and from now on, to force an application to close, here's what to do:

1. In the application you want to close, stay on the big bottom button. (Dock button or old favorite button)


2. You will then see the screen to turn off, put the watch in "power reserve" or trigger an emergency call.


3. On this screen, press and hold the "Digital Crown" button for a few seconds …


4. And now, your App has been killed, it's as simple as that with iPhoneSoft. You just have to go back to your favorite Watch Face!


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