How to keep your number when you change phone operator?

How to keep your number when you change phone operator?

You were not satisfied with your former operator, you decided to opt for a new contract with another operator but you want to keep your current phone number. Is it possible ? If so, does it pay? Or complicated? We explain everything.

The new operator does most of the work

There is a term to define the preservation of a number from one operator to another: portability. Normally, your new operator takes charge: when you want a new plan you do not have to cancel your current contract but activate the portability when you accept the new contract. Of course, you must be sure that your contract with your current operator can be canceled, if not you will have to pay the remaining monthly payments.

If the new operator deals with (almost) everything, you do not have to turn your thumb because you have to give him the Operator Identity Statement (RIO).

  1. To do this, you must call 3179, a number that is available continuously in metropolitan France.
  2. You will then receive an SMS with the RIO and other information (including confirmation of the dates of engagement with the current operator). Note that outside France, Runion and Mayotte, access to 3179 is different depending on the place of origin. If in doubt, ask your operator's customer service, he knows the answer.

Note that you can use your number with the former operator until the date of the porting to the new operator. The good news is that portering is free, no matter who the operator is. Be careful, do not tell the former operator that you plan to leave, it can complicate the procedure.

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If you bought your smartphone from an operator, you will probably have to do it unlock. AndroidPIT

Avoid unpleasant surprises: dslocate your device

You bought a device from an operator and decided to go to one of its competitors? Be careful, because your smartphone can only work with a number of one of its subscribers. In other words, if you have for example a smartphone bought at SFR and go to Orange, the device will not detect your new SIM card.

Do not worry, it's a very simple operation to do it (you need to remove the SIM card lock from the operator), you only need the IMEI code (which you will find in the papers of your phone). Only the operator from whom you bought the device can do the operation, but you can do it very easily at Orange / Sosh, at SFR or at Bouygues.

Do you already have your number after changing the operator?

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