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How to keep Google from tracking you down

How to keep Google from tracking you down

If you have an Android smartphone or use Google services on a daily basis, there is a good chance that the history of your trips and your geographic positions will be kept by the American glove.

In principle, the storage of this location data by Google is supposed to be used to obtain more relevant search results. Unfortunately, in some cases, collecting the geographic location can put users in unenviable situations. An American cyclist paid the price and was suspected of burglary because of his location data saved in his Google account with his smartphone.

Fortunately, Google offers a solution to delete and deactivate location history in your account settings. Please note, in addition to disabling location history, you will also need to delete the activity history from the account, Google will continue to record your location during some of your searches.

1. Access the activity related commands

To prevent Google from recording your location, log in to your Google Account and go directly to the page dedicated to Activity related commands.

2. Deactivate and delete the position history

Scroll through the options until you reach the section onPosition history. Deactivate the function using the ddi button and validate by clicking on Deactivate.

Then click on Manage activities to access your complete history.

Google should indicate the places that you frequent the most and suggest you to consult the different journeys that you have been able to make during weeks, months, even years.

To delete this history, click on the tiny trash can icon, displayed in black at the bottom of the map.

Tick ​​the mention I understand and confirm the deletion of all location history and confirm the deletion by clicking on Delete location history.

3. Disable and delete activity history on the web and applications

Although location history is turned off, Google can always locate you indirectly: when searching for directions in Google Maps, check the weather, etc. It is therefore also advisable to deactivate your Web and application activity.

Return to the page of Activity related commands, locate the section devoted toWeb activity and applications, and uncheck the option to disable it. Then confirm your choice by clicking on Deactivate.

To delete the various activities registered by Google, click on Manage activities.

In the side column, go to the menu Remove activity then, in the pop-up that appears, select All the period.

Choose the applications for which you want the activity to be deleted, click on next then confirm the deletion of the data by clicking on Remove.

Keep in mind that the deletion of these data and the deactivation of these histories does not affect your experience of using Google products. The collection of its data is, in fact, used by Google to speed up your searches or even offer you more relevant search results.

Finally, if you want to allow Google to keep certain data to continue enjoying optimal results, please be aware that it is possible to restrict the data collected as well as their retention period.

You can then configure your Google account so that the personal data collected is automatically deleted after 3 months, 18 months or until you delete it manually.