How to install Windows 10 on the Xbox One console

After computers and before smartphones, the Xbox One game console also receives Windows 10. This big update brings a change of graphical environment.

The Windows 10 interface on Xbox One has been extensively revised and will soon be connected to the Windows 10 App Store to download games and applications to its console.

Windows 10 automatic update on Xbox One

The Windows 10 update weighs 1.1GB and will be automatically downloaded to consoles that have kept the original option to install updates in standby.

By default, Xbox One consoles are set to download and install updates when the console is asleep. When something new is available, the Xbox wakes up and install the necessary before going back to sleep. Thus, the updates are automatic and transparent for the player, it is also the case for the transition to Windows 10.

Available for a few days, the Windows 10 upgrade is done in waves to prevent millions of consoles from connecting at the same time. So it may be that the neighbor’s has already switched to Windows 10 but yours is patiently waiting for its turn.

Windows 10 manual update on Xbox One

XboxOne’s in “power saving” mode require you to manually initiate a system update.

How to install Windows 10 on the Xbox One console

1. From the reception, go to the left.

2. Select Settings then All settings.

3. Choose ” System and Console Information and Updates “.

4. The current system version is shown on the third line on the right of the screen.

On English consoles:

Settings ===> All settings ===> System ===> Console info & updates ===> OS version.

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