How to install Cydia Substrate on Android

How to install Cydia Substrate on Android

Cydia allows you to edit your Android source. You can indeed intervene on the code itself. Reserved for developers, the modules make it accessible to as many people as possible. For beginners, we take the opportunity to show you how to install Cydia on Android.

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Root needed

Know first that you must have a root device. And yes, we do not hack his Android deeply as easily. For root, the methods are of course different for each model. You can search on with the name of your model, or check out our dedi topic in the Android Rooting section.

Cydia: infinite possibilities

Once installed, the app (let's call it Cydia "application", even if it is not in a proper way) allows you to realize your craziest desires, like drastically modify the appearance of your system. It is better to know a minimum development on Android, but you can have fun as a nophyte thanks to more and more modules. The only rule: if you do not know what you're doing for a specific moment, do not do it.

1. Download the Cydia Substrate app

2. Once the installation finishes, launch the application Cydia

3. Click on Link Substrate Files

4. A pop-up window appears then, click To allow

cydia android 1
Without root, no Cydia … / AndroidPIT

And here! You can now start exploring. Cydia offers a lot of possibilities, but when you put your fingers in it, you have to look for it. And again, do not do anything if you have a doubt. Find out beforehand, here for example!

For those who prefer to install using a good old apk, you will find the file on the site of Cydia: Cydia Subraste

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