How to install and uninstall apps on Android

How to install and uninstall apps on Android

Install apps on Android

There are two main ways to install apps on Android. The vast majority of apps are installed from the Google Play Store, Google's official app marketplace. It is prinstall on most smartphones, except for a few smartphones, mostly Chinese and imported in our country.

Although it is possible to install the Play Store manually in some cases, you can go through the APKs of the applications to install them on your Android smartphone. Unfortunately, it becomes much more complicated for purchases, if however the user wishes to remain in the legal framework. To learn more about APKs, take a look at our guide: How to install an app outside the Google Play Store?

Install apps from the Google Play Store

Just start by running the application, then search by category or keyword if you want to install a particular application.

1. Once on the page of an application, click on install in the case of a free application, o on buy for a paid title.

androidpit install application
The installation from the Google Play Store could not be simpler. AndroidPIT

2. The download is complete, the installation begins. It can be long in the case of quite greedy games in particular.

3. Once the app installs on your smartphone, you can launch it from the notification area or from the Google Play Store. A shortcut is systematically created, you can launch the application via this one as well.

And here! We can not be simpler.

Uninstall apps on Android from the Google Play Store

To uninstall an app, you can do it in exactly the same way, from the Google Play Store, so go to the uninstall application page.

1. Slectionnez Uninstall. If it's a paid app, no worries, it's associated with your Google Account and you can reinstall it for free anytime.

2. Wait until the Google Play Store notifies you that the uninstall is working.

It's done, you have just recovered some free space.

androidpit EN uninstall application
The uninstallation of applications is almost instantaneous. AndroidPIT

Uninstall applications on Android from settings

This is by far the most practical solution, especially if you want to install multiple applications at once. Appointment in the settings of your Android.

1. Select the menu applications.

2. You arrive on the tab Tlchargesthat's what we're looking for.

3. Open the application page that you want to uninstall.

4. Slectionnez Uninstall, then confirm.

androidpit EN uninstall app
Uninstalling applications from settings is more convenient. AndroidPIT

You will notice that the pre-installed applications, ie those of the manufacturer or of your operator can not be installed in this way. The method is much more complicated.

What you can do anyway is to disable the apps that bother you. You do not earn or little space, but they no longer appear in your application drawer. The option is in the same menu.

What is the latest app you have installed on your Android?

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