How to install and run Call of Duty Mobile on any Android phone

Call of Duty Mobile opened beta access in India a few days ago, and so far the game looks really amazing. However, since the developers are issuing access invitations to certain people at once, it is likely that you have not yet received access to the game from the Play Store. This is what happened with me too. However, if you really want to try the game out, you can do so quite easily. So here’s how to install and play Call of Duty Mobile on any Android phone.

Install Call of Duty Mobile on any Android phone

Installing the CoD game on your phone is actually quite an easy task. There isn’t much to do, but for the sake of clarity, I’ll explain everything in detail.

For that it’s extremely simple:

  • Tencent has prepared an all in one package for you to install directly Gameloop and Call of Duty Mobile : download it here
  • Start the program
  • Leave to Call of Duty Mobile time to download

You will find your favorite game in My Games.

You can now launch the game on your phone. You can login with your Facebook account or play the game as a guest.

Note: Keep in mind that the game is in beta and all of your in-game progress will be erased once the game is launched. So don’t get too attached to the items you unlock.

If you are in a country where the beta is not yet available, you can use a VPN app.

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Play Call of Duty Mobile Now

Basically, you can just follow these steps to install and play Call of Duty Mobile on your Android smartphone without waiting for the developers to deploy beta access to your account. Remember that sometimes you may encounter network errors. Since the game is in beta, servers can also be taken offline for regular maintenance (this is what happened two days ago), so please be patient. Also let us know if the game has worked for you outside of India with a VPN and what your gaming experience has been so far.