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How to improve your internet connection and lower your ping?

Is your Internet connection making its own? Having trouble getting proper download speed and ping? Discover our hardware and software advice to optimize them.

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It often happens that the loading speed of our computer or smartphone experiences drops in speed. You feel like your network is dragging its feet, so start by testing your connection with Tom’s Hardware and nperf.

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Do you have a wired connection?

If you are connected to the Internet via a cable, several solutions are possible. First, make sure you have Category 6 (CAT6) Ethernet cables, they buy for a bite of bread and can make a difference.

If you use a CPL Kit, be aware that there are many, but not all of them have a high transfer speed. Prefer CPL kits which are marked Gigabit. Please also note that an old electrical network can greatly degrade the performance of your connection, it will sometimes be preferable in this case to go through a good Wifi network rather than a bad wired network.

Do you have a wireless connection?

In WiFi, many other factors can degrade the quality of your connection. A Wi-Fi hotspot placed high is preferable. Then check that no object is creating a signal disturbance between your devices and your box. Certain structures can have an impact: clothes line, load-bearing wall, etc. Try as far as possible to place your box judiciously. Finally, distance is also an important cause of signal loss. A box placed on the ground floor of a house will see its signal reduced on the second floor, in this case, invest in a WiFi repeater.

Finally, too many connections on your box can also cause slowdown. Example: a computer with a few smartphones and a TV connected to Netflix can bring your connection to its knees. Then check which devices are connected to your network using the Wireless Network Watcher software. And if necessary, change the wifi password.

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