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How to improve the security of an Android smartphone?

Set up a lock system

By getting a new mobile or after reinstalling a new version, one of my first basic rules is to set up a locking system. No matter who you choose, you must absolutely set one, because a smartphone – like anything else – is never safe for anyone.

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A lock screen is required on an Android smartphone. AndroidPIT

For a long time, the three methods of locking the screen were the schema, the PIN code and the password. Since then, other methods have arrived and add to those already existing: the fingerprint reader, the iris reader and facial recognition.

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You can also enhance this lockout by activating the Smart Lock features. AndroidPIT

On some smartphones, you can also set Smart Lock so that the screen is unlocked based on your geographical position. For example, if you indicate that you are at home (and therefore a place of trust), the device will be unlocked automatically. Unfortunately, some brands do not offer this feature.

Encrypt the data of your Android

In a nutshell, encryption is a process that refers to the transformation of information so that an unauthorized third party can not read it. To make the data useless, the encryption modifies the content following a logic. A key is created to restore the data. Without this key, your smartphone can not be used without your knowledge.

If you use Android Marshmallow or higher, your device automatically encrypts the data, so you do not have to worry about it. If you use a lower version, you can therefore encrypt your device simply by going to the settings, look for "security" and then you will find the option "encrypt the phone", or "phone encryption" according to the manufacturers.

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Encrypting your Android device will make it incomprehensible to hackers. AndroidPIT

Check permissions / permissions of installed applications

For an application to work properly, it may need your permission to interact with items on your smartphone. For example, an SMS application will ask you for permission to access your SMS, it makes sense. The problem is that some applications abuse permissions, you will agree that a Torchlight app does not claim access to your contacts. We tend to accept all permissions in order to use an app, but it's better to look at it more closely.

Enter the settings and look for the permissions of applications, so you'll see for each of them which application can use them. You can also look at application by application which permissions are granted.

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From Android Marshmallow, you can change application permissions. AndroidPIT

Use a private virtual network (VPN)

If you do not want someone or something to track your actions on the web, then you must use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Instead of being directly connected to the sites you visit, you will then connect a server that will connect in turn to the targeted website by camouflaging your navigation data. Here, the primary purpose of this model is to protect your privacy, but it does not really offer absolute anonymity.

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A VPN will truly enhance your privacy on the web. VPN Unlimited

At the same time, a VPN can also be used to simulate false web-based golocation. Let's start from the example you want to access Canadian content, but a dam prevents you from accessing it as long as you are located in France. Thanks to a VPN, you will be able to change servers to position yourself on Canadian soil. And, so remove this dam that prevented you from continuing your journey.

Disable unknown sources, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS …

start with unknown sources, this feature only activates if you install an app – which you know – apart from Google Play, the image of WhatsApp that offers the APK installation file on its website in beta. If ever it comes from a hacker site, it is – in some cases – possible that an individual has modified elements of the internal code by introducing malicious lines of command, and then propose it again as if nothing n'tait. Be careful what you install, it is the hacker applications that cause the most damage every year and this, whether Android and other mobile operating systems.

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The Unknown Sources function takes its seat in the Security section. AndroidPIT

If you do not use them, consider turning off NFC and Bluetooth. These two functions, which allow you to transfer data directly into your Android, are true colanders. In some manufacturers, there are even native applications that activate and / or deactivate these functions, depending on your location. As long as you're there, you can also disable GPS location, at least those within apps for which the function is not useful. Moreover, its deactivation will allow you to gain autonomy. One less weight for the battery.

Renew the way to use your mobile

In conclusion, know that you can also improve your private life / privacy by adjusting the way you use your phone. If you no longer use an app, game, or other content, consider uninstalling it. Check the content you receive on your Android device, even if it comes from Google Play.

Finally, be aware that it is useful to use passwords, encrypt your phone calls, and use a VPN. If you take into account all or a large part of the advice described here, it will already be a step towards the security of your data. Nobody is safe from anything. Remember that any security – whatever it is – always ends up losing one day or another.

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