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How to improve the quality of your photos and selfies?

Would you like to enhance your photos before sharing them on Snapchat or Instagram? Nothing’s easier !

embellish selfie photo snapchat instagram

At a time when everyone shares their best shots on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, having an irreproachable photographic quality is one of the essential prerequisites. Not satisfied with some of your images? The Pixlr Express app is there to help you.

So start by downloading Pixlr Express.

Once Pixlr Express is installed and launched, the application will offer you three main choices: take a photo, use a photo from your smartphone or make a collage.

Select the photo you want to improve and choose the first option at the bottom left of the application to bring up the Tools menu:

pixlr express editor

The editing options of the software will then appear as the modification of the sharpness, the contrast or the red eyes. For beginners, you can select the option Autocorrect located in the middle of the menu for simplicity:

red eyes photo sharpness

Once the correction has been made, click on Finished at the top right of the screen to validate the modification:

selfie net photo instagram

Pixlr Express will then offer you several options for sharing to the most popular social networks … but also the possibility of downloading the modified image:

sharing photo selfie instagram facebook snapchat twitter

To go further, the software also offers filters that you can find from the tool Magic wand :

photo magic wand

You will find there the “usual” filters: sepia, aging, blurring. For these effects, a gauge located at the bottom of the screen allows you to adjust the intensity of the effect you wish to apply.

style selfie photo filters

Finally, and logically, Pixlr Express also offers frames to add a little more style (s) to your selfies and many other effects and possibilities for modification. It’s up to you to test them.

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