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How to improve the network reception of your smartphone?

Is your mobile network doing its own? You are surely in an area far from any transmitter. Find out how to find the nearest stations with a very easy to use application.

improve 4G smartphone reception

We have all experienced this scene where the network disappears. We then start to fix the “bars” on his smartphone while desperately waiting for the telephone network to resurface. Sometimes we cross a white area, sometimes thick walls block the signal or it is simply that you are in a rural area. Using the OpenSignal application, you will quickly find the network.

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What is your mobile connection worth?

Once the app is installed and launched, allow the program to access your location and make calls.

You can start by launching a test to assess the quality of your connection. And this, whether you are connected to the network of your operator or to a wifi network, in order to give you an opinion on the quality of your connection.

Then tap the arrow icon at the bottom right of the screen to get to the compass. The arrow points to the nearest relay antenna. You can head in that direction to improve your reception. Or, at a minimum, turn in that direction and position yourself at the window if you are inside a building.

4G mobile signal

One solution is also to look at where the nearby relay antennas are located. Still from the compass screen, press Antennas. You will then see the map of where you are and the operator antennas located around you. All you have to do is orient yourself correctly to improve your reception.

locate 4G relay antenna

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