How to improve the battery of Samsung Galaxy S5

How to improve the battery of Samsung Galaxy S5

The S5 is the latest flagship Samsung. It's a great device, but like almost all smartphones, battery problems and power outages are relatively common. By following these tips, you can easily improve the autonomy of Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 settings
How to improve the autonomy of the Galaxy S5 in a few gestures? / ANDROIDPIT

Disable movements and gestures

If you do not use them or not, disable the movements and gestures of the Galaxy S5. These consume energy, probably more than you imagine. The smartphone waits for you to take action in certain situations, which monopolize resources and consume energy.

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The movements consume battery even when you are not using them. / ANDROIDPIT

If you never take screenshots by dragging the palm of your hand or if you never use Air browse, it is best to disable these gestures if they are not already.

Use a black screen

The Galaxy S5 has a Super AMOLED screen. Who says AMOLED says energy economy when the black color is dominant. Indeed, this technology does not light black parts of the screen, if you use a black screen, so you can improve the autonomy of your Galaxy S5. It will not be day and night, but the difference is still noticeable.

Disable automatic brightness

To manage the automatic brightness, your Galaxy S5 uses its ambient light sensor. While Samsung's ultra-satiny notches are very flattering and impress when their brightness is at their peak, if you dim down the lumens just below half, you'll quickly get used to this difference in brightness.

How to improve Galaxy S5 Independence 2
Automatic brightness is a bad idea. / ANDROIDPIT

Here again, the improvement of the autonomy of the S5 is not drastic, but it is another little plus, which in end to end with the others makes the difference.

Reduce the sleep time on the screen

You probably know this option, common to all Android smartphones. Be aware that if the brightness and the black screen are only small improvements, change the time of your smartphone from 5 minutes to 30 seconds can change the game and greatly improve the autonomy of the Galaxy S5.

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Spend from 5 minutes to 30 seconds, you will not regret it. / ANDROIDPIT

Activate the energy saving mode

If so, I swear to you. The energy saving mode of the Galaxy S5 makes it possible to improve its autonomy. We are not talking about the Ultra Energy Economy mode, which is reserved for emergency situations. Normal mode allows you to restrict data in the background or limit performance. You can choose from different options, even switch to black and white mode.

how to improve galaxy s5 autonomy
The energy saving mode, you had to think about it … / ANDROIDPIT

Use apps

Some applications will allow you to improve the autonomy of your Galaxy S5 quite spctacular for some. Some particularly like Tasker, which limits the use of data by applications, DynamicNotifications can not turn on the screen entirely in case of notifications, a big plus.

Finally, Light Manager can configure a series of notifications by LED for not having turned on the screen to know what just happened on our S5.

Install on Google Play

Install on Google Play

Light Manager – LED Settings
Install on Google Play

Does the autonomy of your Galaxy S5 satisfy you? What are you doing to improve it?

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